• December 1, 2023

No sound in The Medium on PC: why and what to do?

The Medium is one of the most famous psychological horror games in the world. Bloober Team has done everything necessary to keep gamers in constant tension. The sound in these games is the core of the process. Unexpected screams, heartbreaking music, mystical sounds – all this creates that very atmosphere. That is why the problem with sound is critical here. Some users are faced with the fact that it is missing, it becomes simply impossible to play in this case. But you can solve the problem yourself, there is a sure and fairly simple way.

Bug fix with no sound in The Medium

Lately, a lot of gamers have started to complain about the lack of sound in the game. For most, this happens directly during the passage, when it breaks off and no longer appears. But there are many who talk about the error manifestation immediately after launch. The problem is that even a full restart of the game does not solve the problem and the sound does not appear. The developer saw user complaints on the thematic forum and offered his solution. It has been tested and is working, so this simple procedure should be followed.

To make the sound work again, you need to do the following:

  1. Start the game The Medium.
  2. Open your save.
  3. If an error with sound is observed, move on.
  4. Return to the main menu and select “Settings”.
  5. Click on the “Audio” tab.
  6. Click on the “Audio Profile” item.
  7. Change the current sound profile to any other.
  8. Save the settings.
  9. Enter your save, the sound should work.

Audio The Medium

If the error manifests itself again in the future, you will need to follow the same procedure, again changing the sound profile to some other one. This is a temporary solution to the problem, which will allow you to continue playing. However, the constant disappearance of sound and the need to change settings negatively affect the gameplay and spoil the overall atmosphere. However, today there is only such a way of solving the problem that everyone uses. At the moment, the developers are aware of the failure and are trying to find the best solution. There is a high probability that with the next update a patch will come that will fix the problem and make it possible to play on any sound profile.

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