Overview of all acts of the Decade of World of Tanks

5 acts of shares and surprises for the next six months. The most significant events and features of each stage.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we offer a small tour of the history of the game World of Tanks. This year the game celebrates its 10th anniversary. In this regard, 5 acts were prepared for us, each of which carries something symbolic associated with different stages of the development of WoT.

Act 1: Fight!

2010-2011 Few people know, but it was originally a fantasy-style MMO project, since in 2008 it was a very popular genre. But nevertheless, then another vector of development was chosen and on August 12, 2010 the official release of World of Tanks took place. And this turned out to be the right decision, because since then World of Tanks has become one of the most popular games of our time.

Then there were only two nations: USSR and Germany, with IS-7 and Maus at the head of the branches. Few cards, including Komarin, who received the nickname “Nightmare” from the players, and imperfect physics, when the conventional BT-7 could block the IS-4 and he could not move it in any way.

Act 2: Rush around the world

2012-2013 The veterans of the game will remember this period as the biggest freebie from VG – the developers transferred the pumped US T34 heavy vehicle into the category of premium vehicles and everyone who pumped it received a free premium Tier 8 tank (and then it was very good!). In the same period, the T30 was moved to the tank destroyer class, which is the theme of the first award for commemorative combat missions – the 3D style.

Introduced new physics, which made it possible to “peel off” the damaged vehicles from the ground and, finally, it was no longer possible to block the passage with 1-2 tanks. Added many new cards and “ten”. Introduced national voice acting for crews and new modes: Assault and Encounter Battle.

Act 3: Rubicon

2014-2015 One of the most controversial changes with a loud name, when the game client was divided into SD and HD versions. For clan members, Strongholds have been added. A branch of Japanese tanks with their monstrous weights has appeared.

But for many players, this period of the development of the game is still associated with the words: “Pablus, Pablus, I’m drowning on the ground!”

Act 4: Correcting mistakes

2016-2017 It is worth paying tribute to the developers, they took into account the mistakes of the past and paid a lot of attention to correcting the accumulated problems… For this period:

  • many tanks received HD models;
  • the physics of movement has improved (the behavior of vehicles has become more realistic);
  • improved sounds (added realism, information content and atmosphere)
  • increased game performance (FPS).

At the same time, the artillery class was reworked and light tanks of level 10 appeared (previously there was a maximum of 8). From the game brought out the imbe Waffenträger auf E 100, which some authors of articles and videos on YouTube predict every time on the Black Market (the developers on the big stream have already answered that it will not be there, so do not see such “forecasts” and “list leaks”). The increase in the power of the game allowed the introduction of General Battles.

Act 5: New Countdown

2018-2020 This is already the history of our time. We appreciated the new graphics engine, added to the game new nations: Poland and Italy. By the way, this year is expected a new branch of Italian strands, which will most likely inherit the main feature of the nation – the drum recharging mechanism.

Also in the game there were annual historical mini-marathons and large marathons at level 8 in the “Hunting” style became more frequent. New modes have been added: Front Line and Steel Hunter. Among the innovations of technology, double-barreled Soviet heavy weights and French “wheeled vehicles” deserve attention.


Next, we will continue to celebrate the tenth anniversary of World of Tanks. Each of the acts will be accompanied by a specific “Recall All” event, for example, now the developers have returned the general chat in battle for a week.


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