• February 20, 2024

Overview of Object 777 and Char Futur 4 behind the Front Line

Two new tanks that attract with their immobility and uniqueness. They are really worth trying for.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will briefly get acquainted with the new award tanks in the familiar mode “Front line”… It is he who starts first, will begin in March and will last until May inclusive, that is, we will have three months to get one of the tanks.

This year the LF is very limited in time, for each stage you can get 3 tokens, and there will be four of them in total. The cost of each tank is 12 tokens, so if you fog up to the maximum, then in 5 months you can pick up Object 777 or Char Futur 4. We also added last year’s AE Phase I award.

Unlike last year, now it is impossible to “catch up” with the process, since each episode is limited to 15 levels. But the developers have made general progress for the “Frontline” and “Steel Hunter”, so if there is no time to stick to 12 tokens in one mode, then you can stretch it by two. Now let’s move on to getting to know the tanks.

Object 777, nicknamed “Three Axes” is familiar to veterans, so many have long wanted to get it in their Hangar. He has a very interesting story:

=> this TT first appeared at level 10 in 2015, but did not make it to release;

=> however, in China it was brought to the base and even sold for real money;

=> in 2019 he returned to the supertest, but already as a tier 9 tank with the corresponding corrections.

After a short acquaintance with the past, let’s see how the re-passing of the test and transfer to a lower level ended for him. Like all Soviet tanks, a 122 mm gun with a good alpha of 540 units. Armor penetration is fine too:

  • basic armor-piercing shell 258 mm, flight speed 940 m / s;
  • gold cumulative 340 mm, flight speed 920 m / s.

After transferring to level 9, the reload rate was significantly increased, therefore, due to the low rate of fire, DPM ≈ 2431 units also suffers.

If the aiming time was still 2.78, then the accuracy brings 0.4 per 100 meters. A significant drawback was the poor depression angle of the gun -5 °, but it rises upward by + 18 °.

He will be pleased with the fact that he did not change his booking, it remained the same as at level 10, so he tanks well in the top of the list. It has a low silhouette and good angles of inclination of the armor plates, so it is almost impossible to pierce the VLD. It also tanks well from playing with the side, because the body is squat and practically does not rise above the tracks.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting poor maneuverability and generally mediocre mobility, almost like the “double-barreled” IS-3-II. He also has a dense layout of modules and crew members, so he is demanding on improved consumables, which reduces the likelihood of a critical hit. Also, pay attention to the very small mass, as for a heavy 49.8 tons, so a ram on it is contraindicated. The view of 380 meters is minimal for the TT USSR.

As for the French CT Char Futur 4, it got to the supertest in December 2019, so it has not yet received its final parameters, but has already gone through several iterations, so we can already form a general impression. For example, his initial performance characteristics on the supertest, then he was also called Projet 4-1.

Initially, it turned out to be quite imbued: a drum for 4 shells with an alpha of 390 units and armor penetration of 263 mm. Aiming time is 2 seconds, and the accuracy is 0.32 per 100 meters. The main drawback then was the long CD between shots of 4 seconds. But in the process, he was nerfed a couple of times, so now we will present all the currently known changes:

  • the tower’s armor was increased. Now 140/90/30 mm;
  • the turret traverse speed was reduced to 31.29 deg / s;
  • the aiming time was increased to 2.2 seconds;
  • the accuracy was reduced to 0.34;
  • engine power was reduced to 620 hp. and as a result, the specific power decreased to 22.96 hp / t;
  • strength reduced to 1650 units;
  • increased the total reload time, so the DPM decreased to 1830 units. On average, it can fire 4.69 shots per minute.

As you can see, the original “imbovity” was corrected by the file of nerfs… And yet his gun is good, but the long reloading time between shots is also embarrassing. Visually, the tank resembles Swedish medium tanks, and the frontal armor of the turret is located at a good angle. Nevertheless, the survival rate of the vehicle is more achieved due to its mobility and relatively good camouflage.

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