• September 24, 2023

Overview of the map “Airship” in Among Us

A miracle happened in the world of the online mafia – a fresh update was released on March 31, 2021. Players received a huge amount of new content.

Airship in Among Us: how to play on the new map?

In 2020, the Among Us phenomenon rocked the entire internet. Thanks to streamers who played this social mafia with friends and followers, it became incredibly popular. However, the developers were not ready for such an influx of players. The project could not stand it, it was conquered by cheaters and crackers. Solving pressing problems, Innersloth did not think about updates and additions at all.

Finally, Among Us is getting its first major free update. All content, except for skins, will automatically download to players’ PCs and smartphones. Since the hype around the game has subsided a little, The airship should return the interest of true fans to it.

Appearance and key features

Among Us Airship

The airship became not just a map, it – great nod to another Innersloth game, Henry Stickmin. However, even if you are not familiar with this project, the game will still be interesting and fun due to the unique level design and new special mechanics.

The airship is distinguished by many small features:

  • it the biggest the map has been in the game since its release.
  • Almost all rooms of the airship have unique level designwhich is not the same as past locations.
  • Appeared in the game new tasks, which make it difficult for the crew members to play.

New skins

Among Us airship skins

There is no “gameplay” donation in Among Us, that is, you cannot acquire any in-game benefits. However, fans can always spend some money on fun skins and pets. Together with the Airship, a new pack of special themed items for characters will come into the game.

The Airship Skin Pack will include 13 new hats, 3 skins and 1 unique animation elimination for the Pretender. The designs of the hats range from a red mohawk to a yellow cheese top. Skins are more themed:

  • Orange prison suit.
  • The blue suit of the pilot of the airship.
  • Cyborg costume.

Meanwhile, the elimination animation is pretty impressive. If obtained, at the moment of collision with a crew member, the impostor will shoot a deadly beam directly from the eye to blow up a teammate in half.

The Airship Skin Pack can be purchased for the same price as any other standard skin pack in the game for $ 1.99.

How to play the Airship

Among Us airship how to play

To haul on the Airship, you should study all its unique features in advance. This map has no less gameplay features than visual ones, so be careful about the new location.

The airship introduces two important fresh mechanics. First innovation – now just running around the map is not enough. Among Us Airship is ladders and flying platforms, which players will have to use to overcome chasms, as well as get to different levels of the location. Players will have to carefully consider when and how to use these movement techniques, as this is one of the easiest ways to fall into the hands of an impostor.

Sabotaging the Traitor can disable flying platforms, so players must keep a close eye on who they are traveling with, otherwise they will be stuck in a corner with an alien.

Another extremely important mechanic is the player’s choice of where all players will appear after an emergency meeting. There are three locations in total:

  • Engine room.
  • Hall of records.
  • Main hall.

The choice of starting position completely changes the tactics of the game. Understanding where people started the round and where they went from is critical to identifying an impostor. However, it is now difficult to grasp where everyone is at the beginning of the game, and it may be easier for players to isolate themselves later in the game.

Among Us Zeppelin Map

Also added to the location new tasks for crew members:

  • Take out the trash bags.
  • Polishing precious stones.
  • Remove weapons.
  • Decontaminate.
  • Clean the toilet.
  • Dress up a mannequin.
  • Redirect electrical energy.

These tasks are even stronger will complicate the game for peaceful astronauts in the early stages of the game, until everyone gets used to the airship.

In Among Us, you could previously only have fun with cheats, because without them, the gameplay was boring in the first hours. Now, the new map should overcome this stereotype and return players to the social mafia, which rallied the entire gaming community in 2020. If you have not yet run to Steam to gather people in the Airship, we recommend that you take a look at this cool mod, which adds new roles to the game.

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