How to fix 0x80073B0F on Windows Store app updates

Recently, I started to run into error 0x80073B0F in the Windows store. I was just trying to update my mail and calendar. Interestingly, after the error appeared, this application stopped working. I rebooted the PC, but the result is the same. I don’t understand what happened and what should I do now. The application is … Read more

Top 10 games for those who like Age of Empires

Released in 1997 year “Age of Empires” was quite a groundbreaking game for the genre RTS… For many gamers, it became their first real-time strategy game. The series was a huge success and largely predetermined the further development of the genre. Military units descended from the pages of a history textbook, recreation of costumes and … Read more

Roblox Music Codes 2021

Roblox can hardly be called a “game” in the usual sense of the word. The 2006 project remains popular due to the fact that it is actually a platform on which users can build their own worlds and try those that other players have created. It’s more enjoyable to develop and play with your own … Read more

Top 10 movies about rock music that hit the audience in the heart

It’s no secret that fresh musical trends have always had a fairly strong influence on various spheres of human life. Popular bands performing rock and rock’n’roll rose to prominence in the middle Twentieth century and directly influenced the development of cinema. Today we are honoring performers who have become legends, numerous biopics and free interpretations … Read more

How to fix Error 9907 in Genshin Impact?

The 9907 code in Genshin Impact is one of the most common, it appears on all platforms and types of devices, that is, no one is immune from it. A note indicates that there is not enough storage space. In general, this is true, but here it is necessary to clarify that there is not … Read more