How to fix error 0x800610A3 in Microsoft Edge?

Let’s get to the point right away. Error 0x800610A3 is a false error that can appear for Microsoft Edge users. The message will say that you need to contact Microsoft technical support using the mobile number attached in the text to resolve the problem. Naturally, this “error” is a simple extortion, in which you are … Read more

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Location of Misters Everywhere

In the world of Resident Evil 7, there is simply a colossal amount of items scattered around. Sometimes, walking around the Baker’s home, it seems that the comrades have a real quirk to accumulate a heap of useless junk. Inside the house, outside the house, under the house – literally everywhere you will see huge … Read more

How to fix error 0x80070037 while copying files?

At times, when you start moving any files from your personal computer, for example, to an external hard drive, the started process may be interrupted by an error 0x80070037, which means that the device being operated on is no longer available. Usually, there are two main reasons for the appearance of this error: There is … Read more

rewards for passing and how to get them

Resident Evil 7 definitely follows the tradition of the earliest games in the Resident Evil series. This means that you will most likely replay the game many times in order to unlock all the goodies that Resident Evil 7 has prepared. But what exactly can you unlock? Or how exactly do you do it? In … Read more

where to find repair kits and how to use them

In Resident Evil 7, you’ll find a couple of weapons that are going to be in a pretty sad state. However, do not assume that if they are broken, then they can no longer be used. Broken guns in the game can simply be repaired using an in-game item such as the Repair Kit. Let’s … Read more

the weapon in the game and its location

Resident Evil 7 is not a copy of Outlast, as many say. You do not need to constantly run and hide, as in it. Although the Baker family is a pretty serious opponent, they can still be dealt with. Moreover, the game has opponents in addition to Bakers, who can be killed with a variety … Read more

How do I manually aim in Bully: Anniversary Edition?

In this short article, we’ll walk you through manual aiming on mobile in ully: Anniversary Edition. And so, if you double-click on the left side of the screen, the manual aiming mode will turn on (if a throwing weapon is selected) and the camera will hover over Jimmy’s shoulder. In this mode, you can move … Read more