• December 6, 2023

FIFA 15 Treacherous Strike from afar – how to fix a glitch

Many players have found a glitch in which from afar you can easily deliver an accurate shot on goal and score a goal by outplaying the goalkeeper. Alas, so far there is no fix for this error – EA should release a fix in the near future. For now, try not to hit the punch…

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Players stop during a free kick in FIFA 15 – Decision

One of the unpleasant but common glitches in FIFA 15 is that during a free kick, players suddenly stop, stop playing and start looking around them. To fix this, press the start button and the A button on the Xbox, or the triangle on the PlayStation several times at the same time. Earn points and…

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FIFA15 stats not updating – how to fix

Many players complain that their FIFA15 stats are not updated after playing online friendlies or Season Online – all parameters remain at zero. To fix this error, you need to delete all custom settings, including custom formations (layouts), positions, as well as work rates (players on the field – Work Rates). After that, restart your…

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