• September 24, 2023

Planet Online – “the killer of traditional television!” A little humor

March 20, 2009. Only five days have passed since broadcasting began on the Planet Online television portal. The Relax TV channel was gaining momentum. The call is ringing to the editorial office. Evgeny Yakovich, the former director of NTV +, calls and says: “Arkasha, what have you done?” An unexpected question … “Do you at least understand what you did? You have created a killer of traditional television, or, more simply, a killer! “

The Planet Online team did not expect such an assessment of the work, Arkady Furman, founder of the Planet Online Media Holding, shares his memories. No one could even imagine that in some way Internet television could intersect with traditional television. Only then did the full depth of the software product “created” by enthusiasts become clear, which allows broadcasting live to the whole world without satellites, cable networks and other methods of delivering a television signal to the end user anywhere in the world! “KILLER”! There is nothing to be done, “took the tug, do not let go.” And then, many hours of thought, what else can be offered to Internet users, which TV channels will be of interest to different categories of “citizens” inhabiting the planet called “Earth” from young to old. Here, everyone was not up to jokes. The task seemed unattainable and insoluble. “Think Arkasha, think! The gods did not make the pots! ” – here with such “seditious” thoughts Arkady Furman spent sleepless nights, trying to comprehend the truth. “Diogenes is resting”!

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