• March 4, 2024

PlayStation 5: release date, features, price

As much as I hate to admit it, the eighth generation console from SONY is at the end of its life. Do not forget about one simple fact: the original PS4 was released five years ago, i.e. in 2013. Five years is a fairly long life span for such products. Due to this, many console gamers are actively interested in the next iteration of the Japanese console: the Playstation 5.

In this article, we have collected as much information as possible about the release date of this console, technical specifications, estimated prices and other, no less interesting information about it. Well, let’s start with the most popular query, the PS5 release date.

Playstation 5 release date

Well, immediately you need to point out the following: the exact release date of the PS5 has not yet been announced… However, there is still some information on the net with the help of which one can at least guess when the next console from SONY will be released. So let’s start with a recent statement from Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO of SONY.

Kenichiro Yoshida

He stated that the release of a new console is inevitable, and also added the following:

At the moment, I can only say this: we need to release the next generation of hardware.

Based on this, we can conclude that SONY is definitely preparing to release a new game console and it will be equipped with next-generation hardware (we will talk about this in the next section), but Mr. Yoshida did not specify anything about the exact release date.

John “Tsuyoshi” Kodera, director of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SONY’s American division), just said that …

… the Playstation 4 is entering the final stages of its life cycle.

Kodera also added that by 2021, profit from sales of PS4 consoles, as well as related services, will begin to fall. Many experts (and ordinary players as well) suggest that the Playstation 5 console will be released by 2020-2021.

Sean Leiden, Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios (a number of SIE-owned development studios), in an interview last year with the German web site Golem.de, stated that …

… one day we will know the release date of the PlayStation 5.

Again, as in the case of the previous representatives, from Leiden’s words already at that time it was possible to understand that the company was probably thinking about developing (or was already in the process of developing) a new console. So, what do we get from the official representatives of SONY? All of them, as it were, are not trying to deny that PS5 is to be, nevertheless none of them indicated at least an approximate timeframe.

Let’s now take a look at what various experts and analysts in the gaming industry think about the Playstation 5. Such a well-known analyst as Michael Pachter made the assumption back in mid-2017 that a new game console from SONY will hit the market by 2020.

Moreover, Mr. Pachter was confident that the price of the PS4 Pro will be reduced and the model will become a base model.

Jason Schreyer, Kotaku’s editor and game journalist, interviewed several video game developers trying to figure out a possible PS5 release date. According to these interviews, most of the developers are inclined to believe that the new console should be expected sometime in 2020.

The Wall Street Journal, in turn, made about the same predictions as other analysts: the release of the Playstation 5 should take place only in three years, i.e. by 2021. Based on all the information provided by analysts and representatives of SONY, it can be assumed that the official release of the Playstation 5 console will take place in 2020 or 2021.

PS5 Specifications

But as for the hardware, which the new console from SONY should receive, a little more is already known. According to rumors, the Playstation 5 will have an eight-core APU based on Zen architecture and GPU based on Navi accelerators. Among other things, there is a rumor on the Internet that the fifth PS will be capable of delivering as much as 240FPS and true 4K in video games.

Nevertheless, this is extremely unlikely, since no video accelerator at the moment is capable of delivering such performance in most modern gaming projects. However, the PS5 will be an order of magnitude more powerful than the PS4 Pro – there is no doubt about that. However, some sources claim that the PlayStation 5 will be used to promote virtual reality technologies.

PS5 Console Pricing

It’s pretty hard to say anything about the pricing of the new SONY console. As you can remember, the original PS4 was priced at $ 400. The improved version, PS4 Pro, had about the same price tag. Some users assume that the price of PS5 will just correspond to $ 400, but many are still inclined to believe that SONY will raise the price tag on the console to at least $ 450.

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