• July 5, 2022

Premium tank workshop, merging of RU / EU / NA servers and introduction of the “Battle Pass” in WoT

How will the “Battle Pass” be implemented, what premium tanks can be created in the workshop, and why is it necessary to merge servers with Europe and America?

Battle Pass

One of the innovations in the game will be the “Battle Pass”. This is a fairly common phenomenon in the online games industry, and is finally being implemented in World of Tanks. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, then in general terms this is one approach to monetizing a game that will provide it with additional content. As a rule, rewards have a multi-level system and are given to the player for reaching certain levels, which in turn are achieved by completing specific tasks.

In WoT we will see something similar in the spring, the “Battle Pass” event is promised to be long-term. They will provide it with new mechanics, complement the corresponding interface, and it will be based on the player’s progress.

To participate in it, it will be enough to enter random battles and try to demonstrate the best results possible. Depending on the results of the battle (in particular, your personal statistics), progression points are awarded, which pump the level of the “Battle Pass”. Please note that it is important in battle to demonstrate maximum utility for the team, and not only to shoot the damage, because the number of points awarded will depend on the occupied place in your team based on the net experience earned in the post-battle statistics.

They promise many valuable rewards, so every level taken will be rewarded. A new version of the standard equipment – captured equipment – deserves special attention. It differs in that its parameters can be increased to the level of boom equipment, with the only difference that it can be removed for GOLD, and not for booms.

On an extreme stream with the developers, it was said that there would be no revision of the cost (200 coupons) of boom removal.

After reaching the maximum level, all players receive a unique patch with the “Battle Pass” level. But this is not the end, then they will add an option to get additional rewards.

So far, there is no information on how the “Battle Pass” will be distributed: free of charge or on a paid basis. It is possible that two reward lines will be introduced: for players with a premium account (analogous to a paid one) and for players with a regular account. In any case, a lot of prizes are guaranteed, so we’ll follow the news.

Merging servers

A few months ago, the developers shared information that bots were added to random low-level battles on foreign servers in order to reduce the waiting time for players. The decrease in activity in the “sand” is explained by the fact that most of the players have already pumped out the technique, or simply many open it for freedom.

A cluster is a group of interconnected computers that maintains one game server.

And recently they began to talk about the unification of clusters of three regions:

Location of WoT clusters

So far, this is difficult to implement legally due to differences in laws, regulations, restrictions and taxes. Technically, everything is ready for such measures and this technology has already been tested internally.


For participants in battles on the Global Map, a new event mechanic will be added – the Tier 8 Premium Tank Workshop. For participating in battles, each team will receive a certain amount of special materials needed to transform them into unique components, from which it will already be possible to craft equipment.

So far, it is only known about 4 premium tanks available for assembly:

No new tanks are expected yet.

The event itself will begin around mid-January and will run for two weeks on 10 levels. There will be no global changes in terms of strategy mechanics. A new mechanic will be added that can affect the outcome of a battle, a kind of analogue of pre-battle instructions, but only for the global map.

Other news

The last month of the year spoiled us with a lot of information, the developers talked a lot, and we are gradually collecting all the data together. For convenience, we offer below a list of previous topics.

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