• March 4, 2024

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Odnoklassniki is one of the most widespread social networks. Users often encounter problems in its work. The reasons for such failures can be completely different factors.


Why Odnoklassniki does not work on a phone or computer, the main reasons

If the social network does not open, the feed, music or video does not load, then there may be several reasons for this. The main ones are the following:

  • an error in the browser;
  • the right to visit was blocked by someone;
  • there are problems with the Internet connection;
  • the user’s computer has been infected with viruses;
  • malfunctions of the site itself;
  • problems with router settings;
  • missing or outdated version of Flash Player.

To find out exactly why classmates do not open, it is necessary to consider each of the cases separately.

Odnoklassniki doesn’t work because of a browser error, what should I do?

Often the browser is the cause of this site’s malfunctions. Here there are problems not only with the entrance to the page, the question may arise why the video in classmates does not open.

classmates don't work

Try accessing the site from any other web browser. If that didn’t solve the problem, then:

  • clear your browser cache;
  • check it for malicious extensions.

In the first case, due to interruptions in the Internet connection, information about an unloaded page remains in the cache. The browser can load information from it. If this is the problem, then after clearing the cache, the social network will load normally.

Try to launch the site on a different device. If successful, go back to your browser and check all extensions. These may include malware that needs to be removed and then restart your web browser.

Someone has blocked access

Occasionally, in workplaces and educational institutions, access to social media may be restricted. This is done to prevent wasting your time while studying or working. For this reason, in such cases, the required page cannot be opened using the usual method.

To solve the problem, install the official version of the application on your phone. Another effective method is the use of anonymizers to gain access to a social network. There are quite a few of them for this social network, the most common of them are:

  • cameleo.xyz;
  • pingway.ru;
  • www.guardster.com;
  • instaway.ru.

Odnoklassniki may be blocked in the hosts file

In the system of any computer there is a special HOSTS file that allows you to restrict access to any web page. This is done in two ways. The first is manual opening with a link to the site to be banned. The second is the viruses that enter the system.

Man at the computer

If access was limited manually, then it is enough to open HOSTS and allow visiting the web page. If the system is infected, it needs to be cleaned, but there is no guarantee that after that everything will be restored by itself.

In this case, you need to do it yourself.

  1. Go to explorer and navigate to the HOSTS file: c: windows system32 drivers etc. It is better to open it in notepad or any other text editor.
  2. Analyze the content: there should be nothing after line localhost. If there are any other records, especially those related to ok.ru, they are all deleted.
  3. The edited file must be saved.

After these steps, access to the Odnoklassniki page should be open.

Internet connection problems

Another reason why classmates do not work is Internet connection problems. If it is not stable, then the page load will have failures.

Internet connection problems

There is one factor related to the internet and access to a specific web address. Some providers may place restrictions and prohibit visits to the site to temporarily reduce the load on the equipment. In this case, try to log in from another device or use one of the anonymizers.

You may face the fact that the message does not open in classmates, and it is not known how to open it. To read it and continue the discussion in the correspondence, you will have to wait for a more stable connection or try to log in from another device.

Viruses on the computer

System contamination with viruses is one of the most common reasons for losing access to a web page. Not only viruses themselves, but also antivirus software can become a problem.

Antivirus database error

Perhaps the version of the antivirus has become outdated, the database needs to be updated. In such cases, some sites may be blocked. If after carrying out the appropriate actions to get to the site did not work, then try changing the settings of this program. There is a possibility that the address is on the blocked list or the firewall is incorrectly configured.

In this case, you need to open the antivirus settings and add the required site to the list of allowed sites.

Cluttered operating system

When a computer gets dirty with viruses, the download speed of applications is significantly slowed down, and some do not open at all. This also applies to websites.

Due to viruses, the page in classmates does not open – what to do:

  • scan the system with an anti-virus program;
  • if there are threats, get rid of them.

If after that the problem has not been resolved, then perhaps the antivirus program itself has somehow limited the ability to get to the site.

The Odnoklassniki site itself does not work

The answer to the question why classmates are not working now can be found on the website https://twitter.com/odnoklassniki… This is likely if today the reason for the inability to access the page is a problem on the server and the site itself does not work.

Classmates does not work

The provider can not always cope with the loads and a large number of users. Because of this, temporary disruptions are possible. They are always warned about at the above address. It will indicate the cause of the failures and the approximate recovery time.

Check router settings

Due to incorrect or for some reason knocked down Wi-Fi router settings, access to Odnoklassniki may be limited. Due to the established ban on the site in the settings of the router, it will not work to open it. To remove the restrictions, you need to check the settings and allow visiting the social network.

Note! The Parental Control feature could have caused this problem as well. When checking it, you need to study it. If you can’t change anything in the settings, you will have to completely disable it.

Update or install Flash Player

Often users are faced with the fact that the site does not display a video or the question arises why the games in classmates do not open. Most likely, such an event occurred due to the operation of the Flash Player program – it is either missing, or the current installed version is no longer up-to-date.

Update Flash Player

If the game of pirates’ treasures does not open on classmates, then you will need to add Flash Player to the browser extensions. If the program is outdated, then you need to install a newer version. Then restart your browser – access to videos and games should be restored.


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