• May 23, 2022

Probability of dropping prem tanks from large New Year boxes 2021 in World of Tanks

For the first time since the existence of New Year’s boxes, Wargaming announced the likelihood of dropping out all the awards in loot boxes.

New Year's boxes WoT 2021 new prem tanks and other gifts

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and from the 9th in World of Tanks the New Year Offensive 2021 begins and the developers traditionally add large boxes with premium vehicles, styles and other goodies.

This decision is dictated by the requirements of the Chinese authorities, where they must disclose the probability of all items in loot boxes. They have this rule officially approved, so it is almost impossible to get around it, but VG succeeded a little.

There will be only 4 categories of prizes in the 2021 New Year’s boxes.

Drop rate 100% – the so-called “guaranteed reward” with a level 5 New Year’s toy + a toy of any level + 250 units of game gold.guaranteed reward

And then the “casino” with luck already begins, where one of the following will fall out:

Drop Chance 85.94% – days of prema, gold, silver:86% reward

Drop Chance 11.66% – low-level premas (five pieces):low-level premas

Drop chance 8.4%:

  • all level 8 premium tanks (4 pieces) premium tanks.png
  • and all 3D styles (5 new and 6 last year).3D styles

The 3D styles from the boxes are not repeated, which slightly increases the chances of getting a premium tank this year.

At the same time, please note that starting this year, such a feature has appeared, such as guaranteed epic reward (that is, a level 8 premium or style), if a similar one has never dropped out of 50 boxes. BUT this token is valid only if you still have the remaining styles (that is, if there are only tanks left, there will be no guaranteed epic reward).

Should you buy New Year’s big boxes in 2021 on WoT?

Whatever one may say, but this is the best option to stock up on gold, so there is a chance to “catch a freebie”. We buy it, in fact, with a 50% markup + we get toys to increase the atmosphere, so we will quickly collect all the goodies + styles for the New Year’s collections + the most important bonus is premium equipment that can drop from 1-2 boxes, or it may not drop even from 40 …

buying gold
The cost of buying gold from a premium store. The price of one box is 110 rubles.

This year, the contents of the boxes are so-so, the technique is very specific and mostly skillful players will be able to unleash its potential, although even they are not happy with the ISU-152k.

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