• April 22, 2024

PS5 won’t connect to Wi-Fi – what should i do?

Trying to connect your brand new PlayStation 5 online but get a message about a failed Wi-Fi connection? Cheer up! Many owners of the Japanese console faced a similar problem, both in the version with a drive and without it. However, at the moment, a number of steps are known that can save you from such a problem in a relatively short time.

How to fix “Unable to connect to Wi-Fi” error on PS5

Check for connection problems on other devices

Think about it if your other devices have problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network? If your smartphone, laptop, or any other wireless device can easily connect to local Wi-Fi, then the problem could potentially lie in the Wi-Fi adapter directly on the console itself or in your router. However, you should not rush to conclusions yet, but, in which case, you may still need to contact Sony technical support.

Restarting and resetting PS5

Have you tried turning your console off and on? True, an extremely trivial question that annoys many “bored” electronics users, but such an elementary action can eliminate many bugs in the PS5 OS, including the latter’s inability to connect to local Wi-Fi. Just restart your console and check if the problem was resolved.

If, after restarting the PS5, nothing has changed, then you can try resetting the console to factory settings. You can find the corresponding item in the PS5 settings menu – there is nothing difficult in this process. It is worth noting that rebooting and factory reset are the most effective methods for solving a wide variety of problems. Did not help? Then let’s move on …

Restarting or resetting the Wi-Fi router

Of course, restarting – and even more so resetting – the Wi-Fi router will take you much longer than a simple PS5 restart. Make sure you know how to perform the reset procedure so you don’t waste your time. As a rule, to reset the average Wi-Fi router, you need to press a special button using a thin oblong object, such as a needle or paper clip. The disadvantage of this solution is the repeated reconfiguration of the router.

Reducing the distance between PS5 and router

Have you thought that there is too much distance between your PS5 and Wi-Fi router? Or, for example, is there a whole bunch of different obstacles between them? If you can, try moving your PS5 closer to your router. This will improve signal strength and potentially eliminate Wi-Fi connection errors.

Connecting Ethernet Cable to PS5

Wi-Fi is an extremely convenient thing that greatly facilitates our daily life with you. Nevertheless, Wi-Fi is by no means the most stable thing. Constant disconnections, a weak signal level, bugs in the router, problems with connecting devices – users all over the world have to put up with all these and other problems. PS5 can’t connect to Wi-Fi? Try plugging the Ethernet cable directly into the console and see if you can establish a stable network connection.

Verifying that PSN services are working

Perhaps you have approached the solution of this problem from the wrong side. PS5 and Wi-Fi router are working fine – what’s wrong? The case may lie directly in the PlayStation Network servers themselves. Go to following link to the PSN Services Status web page and make sure they are working as expected. Did you see a bunch of red lights? That’s it, nothing needs to be done – we are waiting for Sony to solve the problems on its side.

Communication with the provider

Who knows, maybe the problems with connecting the PS5 to the Wi-Fi network are not on your side, but on the side of your Internet provider. We recommend that you contact the latter and properly question him about network connectivity problems.

If none of the above helped you, then, unfortunately, you are probably dealing with hardware failures of the console itself. Contact Sony technical support and explain your problem to them.

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