• May 22, 2024

Rebalance of the map Minsk. Is one of the worst cards going to be playable?

New positions for shooting damage, lights and safe stubs. We suggest you find out what will be changed on the map, so that later you can better navigate how to play.

Minsk Map

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and rebalancing of the Minsk map in World of Tanks. We all know the homeland of the game, so it’s no surprise that the developers are trying to make this map more playable. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that many players do not like it and is consistently included in the TOP 3 cards that they block most often.

The fate of “Minsk” is difficult, the problems were still at the development stage, it was not released for a long time, and even since the release, several iterations have already passed on the supertest. It was reduced and expanded, buildings were added and much more, but everything is not the same, everything is not so.

And finally, since 2019, a sensible concept has appeared, which should balance the positions of both bases and, perhaps, each class can find an application for itself.

Pay attention to the map before and after, and especially for numbers with key zones that have undergone a radical change.

It was Has become
Minsk Map

Table of Contents

Zone 1

Heavy tanks are perhaps the only ones who feel comfortable on this map. Now, to confront TT, they shifted the border and added ramps deep into the block near the square. The battles here will unfold at close range and the direction is relevant exclusively for heavily armored vehicles.

It was Has become
Minsk Map Minsk Map

Zone 2

A non-standard solution from the developers is to drain the river. The embankment has also undergone changes, for which they added the ability to cross from one side of the coast to the other. These changes allow faster, more convenient and most importantly safer change of direction.

It was Has become
Minsk Map Minsk Map

In addition, you may notice that there is less foliage on the trees. It was decided to change the season to early spring or late autumn (now summer).

Zone 3

This section of the “Minsk” will become more convenient and adapted for playing on light and medium tanks. Firing across the avenue was simplified, hills were added (tanks with a high-pressure weapon and a strong turret would feel good there) and the fence was removed.

It was Has become
Minsk Map Minsk Map

Zone 4

The main task of the changes in this area of ​​the map is to shift the point of confrontation of the CT towards the center, as well as to link this zone with the rest of the map.

For this, the area was radically redesigned:

  • closed the passage along the end of the map (red line);
  • moved the circus building;
  • added a metro construction site, which will serve as an additional shelter;
  • changed the landscape.
It was Has become
map Minsk map Minsk

In addition, we added several changes, which were not provided with screenshots from the test:

  • the boundaries of the map have shifted, so there is a passage from the side of the lower base;
  • additional cover was added at each base to make it easier to capture;
  • cleared the view by removing some of the vegetation (remove the map from the blacklist and disable the Tundra😊)

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