• February 20, 2024

Rebalancing and expansion of the Ruinberg map in WoT

New positions for shooting damage, lights and safe stubs. We suggest you find out what will be changed on the map, so that later you can better navigate how to play.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you and I have prepared another batch of changes from the supertest on World of Tanks maps. The developers are working hard on balancing the maps, where there is an advantage in the percentage of victories for one of the bases.

Ruinberg got into the supertest along with Utes and Prokhorovka. But the developers can’t come to an ideal version in any way, this will already be the 3rd wave of edits. At first, the lower base had an advantage, so positions and lumbago were added for the upper base, which became much more effective than the lower one. therefore on the second iteration, the position of the upper base was nerfed, but it turned out that they overdid it and decided to cancel some of the edits and nerf the bottom base position.

Second wave of edits

I will not repeat myself about Ruinberg, I will write only major changes of 3rd iteration

Pay attention to the map zones:

Table of Contents

Zone 8

Still decided to close shooting through the loopholes, in a dilapidated building where the lower respawn team occupied positions. Fast tanks with a low silhouette could be very annoying to the enemy team there, and it was difficult to knock them out of there, especially if they were covered.

It was Has become

Now there will be only 1 balcony with the ability to fire at the positions of the upper base.

Zone 9

Added houses, behind which you can hide from shots from the center of the map, zone 4 and balcony in zone 8

It was Has become

Zone 10

Done small mound, which will allow the road to shine through and cover from the balcony in zone 8, but dangerous because open to flank shots and directly can throw artillery

It was Has become

As you can see, some of the edits are aimed at reducing efficiency. zone 8 and will allow in some situations to hide their maneuvers from the enemy team, remaining unnoticed.

Map enlargement

And one more option in development – expansion of the playing area… Look at the edges of the map:

The developers plan to enlarge the maps from the upper base. First of all it is will allow to move the passage near the red line from the central part… Such measures reduce on this part of the region light effect and by this equalize opportunities relative to the positions of the bottom team.

Now the top team will be able to move more safely and conveniently from the main part of the city to the greenfield. Personally, I like this idea because the top rep is definitely weaker in terms of positions. By the way, I am glad that the developers listen to the players. After all, at the first stages of testing, the players supported the expansion idea.

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