• July 5, 2022

Rebalancing of the “Cliff” map in WoT

New positions for shooting damage, lights and safe stubs. We suggest you find out what will be changed on the map, so that later you can better navigate how to play.

Greetings, tankers! Welcome to the Wotpack and the updated Cliff map for the Supertest. The location divides the team’s bases with rocks and cliffs, and a lot of cover allows you to focus forces in a specific direction. The center of the map gives a definite advantage to those who take control of it, but flanks are also dangerous to throw.

Often a protracted firefight takes place in the lowlands, based on positional combat, and the main battle takes place on a plateau – an open area with a high rock in the center, for which the fight begins from the first minutes of the battle.

This map was sent for revision together with Prokhorovka and Ruinberg (detailed information on them is offered at the end of the article). The main taskmake these cards more balanced, since at the moment there is a noticeable difference in the percentage of victory between the bases. On the “Cliff” map, such an advantage is behind the lower base (southern).Pay attention to the numbering of the changed zones and move on to a more visual acquaintance.

Zone 1

For tank destroyers of the upper base simplified check-in to the sniper position (earlier it was much more difficult than the lower one).

It was Has become

Zone 2

Simplified initial siding for mobile equipment, now straight road will allow you to quickly climb to the site of zone 5 (see map).

It was Has become

Zone 3

For support vehicles, we have made it easier to fire to cover allies who will try to enter zone 5. In the village and in the lowlands, the view and shots were clearedby removing some of the bushes and extra fences.

It was Has become

Zone 4

Take a closer look at the images, they have slightly changed the relief in the center for the upper base team. Now in the resulting crease can be hidden from the bottom team snipershiding on the “shelf”. But going up the hill the car will become vulnerable to lumbago.

Zone 5

Now if the lower team captures the plateau, then this is already a victory, since from a comfortable “shelf” they can literally shoot all the equipment at the northern base, as if they came to the shooting range. Now a similar “shelf” done on the bottom of the map, so that the top team can also effectively fire in the center, control the siding and sniper positions of tank destroyers

Now zone 5 will become more valuable and convenient, so it makes sense to fight for it.

Zone 6

Many changes are outlined here. Partially updated center relief for the lower base, now going up to the bushes they will be in the field of view of the “shelf” of the upper team.

It was Has become

To balance this zone in the center moved the bushes closer to the bottom base

It was Has become

Some more raised the relief and for the bottom base added cover at the entrance to the lighthouseto exchange “pleasantries” with the enemy “regiment” from there.

It was Has become

Zone 7

The rock was turned into a good one strong point, behind which it will be possible to hide and get out of the light, so as not to fall under enemy fire from the “shelf” or the central part of the lower base. There is a similar one on the upper side.

It was Has become

Zone 8

Bottom base team a little bit raised the relief at the entrance to the hill, so if your car has comfortable UVN, then it will be possible to shoot through the area from the shelf, similar to the command on the upper base.

This map has undergone the most significant changes at this stage. What do you think about this?
The results are not yet final, but if the developers are satisfied with their work, then most likely in the June patch we will see an updated “Cliff” based on.

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