• February 22, 2024

Rebalancing of the map “Prokhorovka” in WoT

New positions for shooting damage, lights and safe stubs. We suggest you find out what will be changed on the map, so that later you can better navigate how to play.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and updated map “Prokhorovka”… The location is a hilly area divided by a railway, with a small village in the center and a large open field. On the sides there is “greenery” and a large hill, from which a view of half of the map opens.A paradise for LT for performing LBZ for transmitting intelligence, the dream of artisans – there are practically no shelters and all equipment is in full view. Tank destroyers (but not all) and STs feel relatively comfortable, but heavy tanks, especially those that are slow and clumsy, cannot be envied.

All changes here are aimed exclusively at the slide to balance the positions for each of the teams.

Now there is a safe ride at the bottom base, which allows you to play more actively and take positions for shooting damage (focus center), while it is easier for them to overexpose the enemy team on the opposite side of the mountain. Also the top base team is constantly under direct fire from the center.

Pay attention to the numbering of the sections for which the edits were made.

IN first zone added a hollow so that the team from the top respawn could hide from the center lumbago. This a safe zone will help to wait out the light or wait for reinforcementsto strengthen the position of the team on the hill, while not being constantly under the enemy’s crosshair. But do not forget about the self-propelled guns, she can throw it here.

It was Has become

In second zone added vegetation. It’s now safer to shoot and shine from the bushes… Remember to keep a distance of 15 meters to minimize the chance of detection.

It was Has become

Learn more about how masking and detection works.

IN third zone on the contrary, they reduced the amount of vegetation and moved the bushes. Now it will not be possible to highlight the top respawn command without leaving the bushes… Those. the chance of detection will increase and it will not be possible to enlighten enemy positions with such impunity.

It was Has become

At the same time in fourth zone by editing the landscape increased departure time… Now, when highlighting / attacking the team of the upper respawn, the lower team will roll back to cover longer, which will allow them to shoot at them from the central part of the map.

It was Has become

And in terms of general edits, so that facilitate firing from the center of the field, several trees were removed in the village.

It was Has become

The next step is to edit other maps (we will publish everything soon). What do you think about Prokhorovka’s rebalance?

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