• October 3, 2023

ReCAPTCHA does not work in Chrome, Opera, Firefox: 5 ways to fix it

reCAPTCHA is a free bot protection service from Google. If the built-in system of the site has any suspicions, it displays a captcha to the user asking him to solve a simple puzzle (usually choose pictures). It is also inserted when performing important actions, such as logging into an account. However, reCAPTCHA doesn’t always work. Puzzles can appear and disappear immediately, not react at all to clicks, or always show errors. Here’s how to fix any captcha issues.

What to do if reCAPTCHA doesn’t work?

Let’s start with the most efficient and easiest to implement. So we will gradually consider all the methods, reaching the very last – resetting the settings.

Method 1: update the browser

To update Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc.), you just need to open the correct page. Here link to it in Chrome. An alternative way is to open the main browser menu and select there:

  • Google Chrome. “Help” – “About the Google Chrome browser”.

Why reCAPTCHA doesn't work

  • Opera. Update & Restore.
  • Firefox. “About Firefox”.

On the next tab, a search for the current versions of the browser will start and a button will appear if it is possible to update it.

Method 2: disable VPN or proxy

Setting up a VPN service may block the display of certain content or downloading data from certain IPs. If this is the problem, temporarily disabling such services will help.

Method 3: reset the IP cache

If the IP has already earned a bad reputation and all services recognize it as suspicious, a reset may help. This is evidenced by the fact that reCAPTCHA does not fire in all browsers.

How to do it:

  1. Right-click on Start and select “Command Prompt”.
  2. We enter the following commands one by one, after each pressing Enter:
    1. netsh winsock reset
    2. netsh int ip reset
    3. ipconfig / release
    4. ipconfig / renew

All that remains is to reload the browser.

Method 4: scan your computer for viruses

Perhaps malware has crept into the system. It is easy to fix it with any popular antivirus. Even Windows Defender has to do its job.

Method 5: reset browser settings

This should work for most users, but it’s better to enable data synchronization with the server in advance and delete the account. The reset principle is simple:

  1. Go to the “Settings” browser through the main menu.
  2. Scroll through the list to the very end, for this you will have to open the “Additional settings”.
  3. Click on the item “Restore default settings” or “Reset”.
  4. We confirm the intention.

Why reCAPTCHA doesn't work

Now we need to check if reCAPTCHA is working. Most likely, everything worked and now is the time to get your data back by synchronizing with the servers.

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