• May 29, 2022

Resident Evil 3 Hip Bags Guide

In Resident Evil 3, you can find a bunch of different equipment and resources that will help Jill and Carlos, the two protagonists of the game, stretch out in Raccoon City, a metropolis almost filled to the brim with immortal zombies. Today we are going to tell you where to find all the hip bags that increase the number of slots in your inventory. Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror game, so an extended inventory is certainly welcome.

Can you only expand your inventory with hip bags?

Yes that’s right. Bags are the only type of gear in Resident Evil 3 that will allow you to expand your inventory. In addition, they are fairly easy to distinguish from many other items in the game environment, and therefore should not be difficult to find them. One bag expands your inventory by two slots. Four bags for Jill, two for Carlos.

Let’s now see where in Resident Evil 3 each of the bags can be found …

Location of all hipbags in Resident Evil 3

Be aware that you will not be able to go back for missed bags during your playthrough. If you miss one of the bags at the very beginning of the game, replay. Want to collect all your hip bags? Then follow this guide carefully!

First hip bag

The first hip bag can be found in the city subway. Go to the subway control room and climb the stairs to the second floor. There will be a large industrial fan next to the stairs. Go through the gray doors and note the small folding ladder to the right of the entrance to the room, next to the window. The bag will be at the top of this ladder.

Second hip bag

The second bag can be found at the entrance to the subway. Move along the level until you come across a half-closed gate with a yellow painting on it. There will be an open ambulance in front of these gates. Climb under the gate and walk towards the huge clock monument. In fact, the monument is a chest with all sorts of buns inside, which is opened with colored diamonds. The hip bag will open for you when you insert the third colored diamond into the monument.

Third hip bag

The next bag can be found in the sewers in the security room. Once you reach your destination, use the battery to open the electronic lock on the closed door. Go inside the room and pay attention to the lamp-lit table on your left. There will be a hip bag in the light of the lamp.

Fourth hip bag

The fourth hip bag is to be found by Carlos, the second protagonist of Resident Evil 3. This bag can be found in the west office of the Raccoon City Police Station. As soon as you enter the office, immediately go through the next doors in front of you. Go deeper into the room and you will find a green safe there. Use 9 <15> 7

Fifth hip bag

The fifth hip bag can be found on the first floor of the hospital. Moreover, the bag can be picked up only during the battle with the horde of zombies and before Carlos will take care of Jill’s treatment. Go to the lobby and pass to the small area adjacent to it, which is apparently a filing cabinet. The hip bag will be on the filing cabinet.

Sixth hip bag

The sixth and final hip bag will go to Jill. The bag will be in the underground warehouse office. Get off the lift and enter the double green doors leading to the office. The bag will rest on top of a white filing cabinet. Considering that the bag is very close to the typewriter, which allows you to save your gameplay, it is literally impossible to miss it.

Note: After completing Resident Evil 3 for the first time (and collecting all equipment), you will unlock access to a special store. In this store, you can buy almost all the equipment for the protagonists, which will greatly facilitate your second, third and all subsequent playthroughs. No, equipment is bought not for real money, but for special points, which are awarded for obtaining in-game achievements.

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