• May 22, 2024

Review: Minecraft Bloom

If you like virtual farms and creation games with no action elements, then this DLC definitely deserves your attention. The content is completely free for those who have a licensed version of the game.

Minecraft Bloom: Everything You Need To Know About The New Expansion

Minecraft is a popular sandbox for which many official add-ons have been released. Most of them are paid, but there are exceptions… Now players will have a unique chance to delve into their own virtual garden at no additional cost.

Bloom is the most recent addition for the cult game Minecraft, in which users have to create their own mini-garden. Within its limits, you can engage in the cultivation of unique crops, research and the creation of a variety of garden decorations. Peaceful mode for true gardening connoisseurs!

Bloom – your personal garden

Minecraft bloom

Minecraft Bloom by GameMode One will provide the gamer with the role of caretaker of an abandoned huge garden. It is located far from the usual enemies and dangers of the cubic universe. In fact, the player gets a world in which grace and tranquility reign. Each gamer will have the opportunity to build his own virtual piece of paradise, which can be customized for himself.

This free add-on has been released as part of the Minecraft Celebration event. It was released by the community Along with this newest DLC map, the following came into the game:

  • new 3D decorations, which the player can craft according to recipes;
  • over 30 incredible plants with magical powers;
  • dream hut from unique decorative blocks.

The main feature of the card: no hostile mobs. Here the player has the opportunity to fish and farm without any external threats.

And somewhere in the forest there is a secret, and only the most curious and courageous will be able to solve it. But for this you will have to postpone the restoration of the old fabulous garden and go on an incredible journey along this new map.

How to download and install

Minecraft bloom

The Bloom add-on is designed to for Minecraft Windows 10 or Minecraft Mobile version. If you play on Java Minecraft, then you will not be able to get this DLC either for a fee or for free. To download the add-on you need:

  1. Go to official site Minecraft.
  2. Open the tab “Games“.
  3. In the drop-down window, click on the picture with the inscription: “Minecraft“.
  4. On the white top menu, click on the “Market” button (Marketplace).
  5. Press the button “Popular“.
  6. Find among suggested content Bloom or find it using the search bar.
  7. On the mod page, click on the green button “Get this item“.

Next, you just need to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen

For a long time Minecraft was considered a digital safe havenin which gamers could fully express their creativity. Everything your heart desires was built here – from giant GameBoy consoles to real maps from World of Warcraft. No frames or borders. The new addition only expands the scope for creativity, removing all action elements from the game and leaving only transformation of the world and the study of its secrets.

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