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Review of the IC-2-II – the first pumpable double-barreled tank of 8 level in WoT

Long-awaited release of the branch of double-barreled tanks. Are they as imbibed as they say? Guide and features of the IS-2-II gameplay. Is it worth downloading?

IS-2-II – the first representative of the branch of Soviet heavy double-barreled tanks in World of Tanks that appeared in patch 1.7.1. Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will consider the features of the gameplay, the choice of equipment and training of the crew for IS-2-II

Research and modules

Researchable from the KV-3 for 51,300 XP.

The new technology is not very friendly to us, you can only take the radio from the KV-3 with you, and you will have to open everything else. Let’s say right away that in the stock configuration with 85 mm guns, the tank is difficult to implement in battle, so we recommend opening the top cannon for freedom (16 600) or be patient.

Stock gun

I am glad that the carrying capacity of the stock chassis allows you to install everything you need.


Let’s take a closer look at the parameters of the car, comparing it with other Soviet classmates of level 8.


At the disposal of the first pumped two-gun tank 100 mm guns with one-time damage of 300 units, which is the smallest value, but compensated by the possibility of a double shot. Armor penetration with a basic armor-piercing projectile of 221 mm, which does not stand out against the background of pumped vehicles. At the same time, the premium tanks Object 703 II and IS-3 with M3 have exactly the same figure. As for the penetration with gold sub-calibers, here is 256 mm.

Full characteristics of ammunition:

It is worth noting the good speed of the shells. But do not forget that armor-piercing has better normalization, and subcalibers lose penetration with distance.

Despite the presence of two guns, the turret traverse speed is good 27.12 ° / s on par with the IS-3. The cannon has comfortable stabilization, the best accuracy is 0.36 and the aiming time is 2.4 seconds. It also has a good gun depression angle of -7 °, and rises by + 20 °

Deserve special attention features of reloading guns, which are dictated by the peculiarity of firing, because double-barreled tanks have three modes: cyclic, sequential and double shot.

Reload time of guns (1/2) sec. 8.15 / 8.15
Salvo preparation time (sec) 2
Reload lock time (sec) four
Changeover time (sec) four

The average damage per minute largely depends on which fire mode to use, but in the game we are offered a value of 2209 units, which can be called the best result among Soviet heavyweights


The safety margin is at least 1500 units. Armoring of the hull in terms of reliability is poor:

  • the legendary Soviet “pike nose” is missing;
  • weak nominal armor;
  • vulnerable mechanical drive hatch in the forehead.

Taking into account the reduced VLD of 220 mm, almost any classmate can punch it. Turning the body up is also not an option, because then the “cheeks” will open. The only way to tank at the top of the list is from the tower. In the frontal projection, it is quite strong and few people can sell it without gold. But there is one unpleasant nuance – it breaks through with damage even into the gun mantlet, the lower part of which has only 230 mm of armor.

Other indicators

With a mass of 55.95 tons, the tank, due to its powerful engine, has the best power-to-weight ratio of 14.72 hp / t. Therefore, it picks up its maximum speed of 34 km / h quite quickly, while it has good maneuverability of 31.29 ° / s. In the presence of two cannons, there is no need to talk about stealth, but nevertheless after a shot it does not decrease as much as in the same IS-3. The viewing range of 350 meters is typically low for the TT USSR.

Advantages and disadvantages

Having familiarized ourselves with the tactical and technical characteristics in detail, we can highlight the strengths and weaknesses in order to better understand the capabilities of the IS-2-II.


  • great damage when fired with a doublet;
  • excellent stabilization of guns;
  • fast mixing;
  • good accuracy;
  • high DPM;
  • good mobility;
  • good UVN.


  • mediocre hull booking;
  • small one-time damage during cyclic shooting;
  • low visibility;
  • short communication range;
  • it will take a while to get used to the mechanics of the twin guns.

The choice of equipment for the IS-2-II

Installing additional modules will increase the basic parameters of the vehicle, making the game more comfortable and more effective in combat. Given the features of double-barreled tanks here Can’t install the Sender, so you won’t be able to speed up reloading. Therefore, for the first acquaintance with the new branch, we recommend the following assembly:

  • improved ventilation – although insignificantly, it will increase all the characteristics of the car. The effect will become more noticeable if the crew has a Combat Brotherhood;
  • vertical mount stabilizer – will reduce the circle of spread, complementing one of the strengths of the technique, in order to be ready for a shot almost everything + helps a lot when preparing a volley, when it is necessary to lead the enemy in the sight;
  • reinforced aiming drives – are also primarily intended for full combat readiness every second of the battle and, again, come in handy to more accurately send a “doublet” at an enemy tank.

If you have a new crew and do not yet have review perks, then it makes sense to replace ventilation with coated optics, which will add 35 meters to the viewing range.

Crew training for IS-2-II

The new equipment is served by a crew of 5 people. The commander, as usual, combines the role of a radio operator, and now there are 2 loaders, one for each gun.

Learning order and impact of skills

As always on heavy tanks, you should start by studying Repair. The commander then reset the skill and select the Sixth Sense. Next, you should go to the skills of 3 columns, because most of them are valid from the moment of learning. This is necessary in order to reset the skills again later, but for the entire crew to study the Combat Brotherhood, which only works when all tankers are 100% mastered.

To the commander of the fourth skill, we take Radio Intercept to increase the view by 10.5 meters. Profile skills of the gunner and driver: Smooth ride and Smooth turret rotation will make the stabilization of the gun even better. The sniper will be needed to increase the chances of dealing critical damage with a double shot. The off-road king will help you gain top speed faster. We study the Proximity Ammo rack for the first loader, and the Desperate one for the second in order to speed up reloading by 9.1% when the safety factor is reduced to 150 units. Then, both loaders choose Intuition to quickly change the type of projectile, the effect of which is summed up.

Choice of equipment

The quality of consumables is the choice of everyone personally, the improved ones, of course, will increase the survival and efficiency of the game, but at level 8 it is still quite possible to do with the usual ones. In general, the set has a standard form:

  • repair kit;
  • first aid kit;
  • fire extinguisher (automatic is still preferable, so we recommend not to save on it).

As practice has shown, arson is a frequent occurrence on IS-2-II… Therefore, replace the third slot with a national dish Doppayek risky occupation, as your stool can sometimes burn with the tank.

How to play the IS-2-II

Before we move on to the gameplay of the tank in battle, let’s see how its parameters will change, taking into account the recommendations:

We have excellent potential damage per minute, aiming time at CT level and accuracy that other strands can only envy. Lack of visibility remains the key disadvantage, even with full “stuffing” it will not yet be possible to overclock it to its maximum value without coated optics.

Top of the list IS-2-II can fulfill its class role only if you hide the corps, especially the NLD. Only some tank destroyers will be able to penetrate the tower, so you shouldn’t be too impudent. This TT is more suitable for a support role, but not a breakthrough tank.

Playing from an alpha strike is not profitable, because in this he is inferior to most of his classmates, but carefully monitor the situation in battle, try to catch a distracted enemy in order to discharge him with a “doublet”. Use a double shot only at close or medium rangeif you are sure that you can correctly determine the movement of the enemy. Otherwise, it is better to play more reliably through consistent firing.

In face-to-face duels, it is better to play from cyclic recharge, and when the enemy has about 500 HP, then leave and get it with a double shot. Please note that doublet shot is not a panacea, so you shouldn’t abuse it… Both shells can go into the ground, into the tracks, or simply not penetrate. Therefore, when preparing a double shot, do not rush and aim carefully.

We have prepared guide how to play double-barreled tanks… Starting with the setting of the keys and the principle of the mechanics of the paired guns, we recorded short videos of how the new function was implemented in the game and ending with general advice and tactics in battle (there are important nuances in using two guns). More details can be found at this link.


Beginning with IS-2-II we are about to get acquainted with a new sub-branch, which offers an interesting and rather fun gameplay. Perceptibly stands out for its firepower among classmates. However, not everything will be easy, because at first you need to get comfortable and learn to situationally apply the features of firing. For the effective use of technology, it is necessary to know not only the vulnerable areas of other vehicles, but to navigate the terrain on the maps in order to hide the weakly protected hull.

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