• March 4, 2024

Roblox servers are down. When will they fix it?

Roblox does not work

Popular Sandbox Roblox Servers Stopped Working on the night of October 28-29 for unknown reasons. Online statistics indicate that there were over 3 million active users in the game at the time of the shutdown. The problem persists for 60 hours.

Some functionality was restored after almost two days of work on the gaming platform. However, many users still cannot launch the application and enter promotional codes.the get servers are not working

It has been suggested that Roblox’s downtime was caused by the actions of the fast food chain Chipotle and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Directly, the fast food company launched a virtual in-game promotion for Halloween. Too many people went in pursuit of free burritos.

The developers denied this information, by reporting on the official Twitterthat technical work is underway.

Loss of access affects both Roblox gaming applications on different platforms and the official website. The developers have made some progress, and therefore it is worth waiting for the situation to be corrected in the near future.

While the experts understand the causes of what is happening and eliminate errors, you can study the 30 best Roblox games of 2021 in order to try the ones you like when you restore access. Also write in the comments their suggestions, what is worth reading to other readers.

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