• February 20, 2024

Server without ACS in WoT

The dream of many players: no stuns, concussions and module crits. Calm game without burning from the arrival of “suitcases”.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we continue to analyze the developers’ answers and share the most interesting news. On one of the last streams, they shared information that an interesting feature is in development – creation of servers with limited conditions or requirements.

a common problem

When the general battle chat was returned to random for a week, the players could feel long-forgotten feelings: jokes from the gunners with questions “Well, how’s the package?” and already less kind answers (especially from heavy) on the topic “One-button crayfish” (often more sophisticated curses were written on the nerves).

As the developers say, art’s job is to dismoralize the players.

The main generators of WoT ideas continue to look for options for rebalancing the ACS. Previously, arta had a nightmare writing out one-shots or simply inflicting a colossal amount of damage. Damage cut added stun, but this not only did not solve the problem, but even in a certain sense aggravated the gameplay of the other technique.

So sometimes players (especially on large and slow vehicles) they can’t even get out of the camp if they hit the focus of 2-3 self-propelled guns… And besides the mill other debuffs for crew members (contusion) and on internal modules of equipment (crits). In such conditions the game simply becomes impossible: the tank does not go, doesn’t really shoot and the fig hits. Fight to nowhere, time wasted and it burns very much, minus nerves.


Some statistics were also announced. On average, 11% of arte battles of the total number of battles fall on one player per day. According to the developers, this is quite a lot, but for a more illustrative example, we will show the number of battles per art for the last month:

Data provided by the site kttc.ru

And some more information for a general understanding of how much art is played against the background of the rest of the pumped equipment:

  • at level 10 Object 261 takes 3rd place;
  • at level 9 M53 / M55 takes 5th place;
  • at level 8 M40 / M43 takes 5th place;
  • at level 7 Gw panther in 3rd place;

At lower levels, the SPG is not in the top 5, but it is also close enough.

Solution option

Nobody will completely remove the SPG, because she is needed to control the “choreography” on the battlefield (so that there is no stool). Therefore, now it is being worked out server variant with special rules… For instance, at a certain period of time there at all there will be no artillery (or maybe such restrictions will be made for other classes as well). Against the background of the introduction of premium SPGs in WoT Blitz with unique mechanics (sooner or later it may appear in large tanks), such measures look very interesting.

They also want to add a restriction on the types of shells.

It would be cool if they let you choose restrictions by type, as we have already introduced a “blacklist” of cards. Block 1-2 elements and play for fun. But, unfortunately, this is unlikely.

What do you think about servers with time limits, would you like to see this in the game? It is quite possible that the first tests will be already this year at the “Sandbox”.

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