• September 24, 2023

Shadow Legends – Sign Up With Link Bonus

Raid: Shadow Legendsshareware An MMORPG that was released in 2019 and made a lot of noise in the mobile gaming industry. Thanks to a large-scale PR campaign and addictive gameplay, they became interested in the project tens of millions players around the world.

Raid: Shadow Legends - Heroes

In this article we will tell you, how to start playing Raid: Shadow Legends with a bonus, and help you get used to a new fantasy world.

About the game

Raid: Shadow Legends - heroes

Despite the presence of a plot plot that tells about the onset of the forces of darkness to the valiant kingdom of Teleria, the main distinguishing feature of the MMO is its heroes… Total in the game 12 raceswhose representatives are destined defeat enemy troops and restore the disturbed balance in the world.

Among the gameplay RPG features:

  • customization and pumping of characters with elements collecting;
  • diversity skills and the ability to build your own strategies;
  • a large number of in-game activities (boss campaigns, arenas, tournaments, etc.);
  • lack of significant influence donata on the gameplay.

If any of the above features are to your liking, this is a great excuse. sign up for Raid: Shadow Legends

How to get a bonus in Raid: Shadow Legends

To simplify the process of getting involved in the game, the developers at Plarium have provided a system welcome bonuses… To obtain them you need:

1. Follow the invite link (to receive a bonus) and go through a simple registration… You need to come up with a nickname, password, and also enter an email. mail.

Raid: Shadow Legends - Sign Up Bonus

2. Complete the initial training… It will help you learn the basic principles and mechanics of Raid: Shadow Legends.

3. Pick up gifts in the in-game mailbox

As a reward, the new player will receive an epic character (Shaman), an experience booster, a starting amount of silver (50k) and a number of other useful items. And all this without donata!

Important! Registration must be carried out from a PC in order to use the invitation link. However, the presence of multi-platform allows you to transfer progress to mobile devices (Android and IOS) using Plarium ID immediately after receiving the gifts.

We hope that the registration bonus will make your journey through the world of Raid: Shadow Legends easier in the early hours of the game, and the MMORPG itself will bring a lot of fun in the future.

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