• December 5, 2023

Should I download the T57 Heavy branch now or wait for an up?

How relevant is this thread in randomness and what future the developers have prepared for it in 2020.

T57 Heavy

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and by tradition, at the beginning of the month with the action “Fight!” we are considering the relevance of the proposed branches. Now it was the turn of the American heavy tanks led by the T57 Heavy. That is why I have prepared a short overview of the T57 Heavy branch in World of Tanks.

Some inconvenience is caused by the fact that up to level 9, the entire branch is medium tanks. Starting from level 9 we go to T54E1to whom changed class from medium to heavy (performance characteristics were also balanced accordingly).

From 5 to 7 levels these are typical US STs, which are comfortable to play due to good mobility, comfortable UVN and high visibility. The firepower is not great, but quite enough. Worth noting here T20, which the good for raising the WN8 rating

At level 8 we are waiting for T69, which is recognized by many as one of the worst CTs at its level:

  • low armor penetration;
  • minimum one-time damage;
  • long mixing;
  • weak booking.

However, there are strengths:

  • good mobility;
  • high visibility;
  • loading drum for 4 shells.

But with a breakdown of 181 mm, it is very difficult in random, while the fast reloading between shots is canceled out by a longer mixing. Please note that a new premier T77 tank has now entered the supertest. It is a miniature copy of the T57 Heavy and, in terms of basic parameters, significantly surpasses T69

One of those cases when prem tanks are again better than pumped ones.

T54E1 although it was upnulled, it is getting weaker than other drum strands of level 9. The big alpha pleases, but the low armor penetration is depressing and again the aiming time is longer than the reloading inside the drum. At the same time, it has weak dynamics and mediocre booking.


Now let’s pay attention to the top of the T57 Heavy branch. At his level, he is truly a formidable opponent. with a drum for 1600 damage… Armor penetration is now normal, and booking is more bouncing. But still, the nominal armor is weak, so it is better not to count on non-penetration.

T57 Heavy
T57 Heavy

In modern random because of turbo strikes, it is difficult to realize all the advantages of such a drum… Sometimes opponents merge very quickly, and other times, on the contrary, allies run out faster, and during the reloading of the drum, you can drive into the Hangar.


Generally the branch is very gold dependent, only a full drum of special shells will allow you to confidently implement damage. The armor is weak, so you shouldn’t rely on it in battle. The strands have mediocre dynamics and large dimensions. Solo at random he has a hard time, but the platoon is already playing more interesting.

But there is Ray of light – this the branch is going to be raised in 2020. First of all, they will start with T69, the rest are still in question. When it will be up – I can’t say for sure, the developers have not been able to implement the improvement of the performance characteristics for the German, Soviet and American heavy forces for three months. The only plus of leveling now is combat missions for a bonus to experience and leveling the crew.

In July, according to the action “Into battle!” I would recommend taking a closer look at the Swedish tank destroyer branch, as it has a more rosy current and future situation.

Why is it worth upgrading the Swedish tank destroyer now?

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