• December 1, 2023

Should you run a marathon for Object 274a?

How good is the new prem tank and whether it will pay for tens of hours spent on getting it.

Object 274a

Hello tankers! Wotpack with you, and today we will briefly talk about the main reward for the Polar Hunt – the premium Soviet Tier 8 Object 274a medium tank. The previous CS-52 LIS marathon turned out to be one of the least popular, the new branch did not arouse interest among the players, and the tank itself is quite mediocre. Therefore, this time the developers rolled out a more decent car and revised the conditions of combat missions.

Now the mastery tasks can be performed on the “nines”, and this is one of the most comfortable levels for the game. The costs are slightly less for repairs, you often get to the top of the list, and even in drainage battles, you can perform tasks like “Take the top 1 in damage among your team”. And even more so in the process of passing the “Hunt” you can pump the technique, and this is also a significant plus.

And finally, the developers realized that they need to give players the opportunity to use promotional “nines” for Ranked Battles, Front Line and Steel Hunter.

Now let’s consider key benefits new prema Object 274a:

  1. Armor penetration… It has the best penetration with a basic armor-piercing projectile among other Soviet mediums, and indeed against the background of classmates. In addition to a high flight speed, a gold sabot caliber can easily penetrate tenth levels, even some CT 9s have less penetration.
  2. PDM… The low rate of fire is offset by decent one-time damage, so it has the highest damage per minute.
  3. Strong armoring… At the top of the list, he will often catch ricochets from the VLD and the tower, he can also tank with the sides. This compensates for the low safety factor.
  4. High top speed… But do not flatter yourself strongly, he will not develop it quickly due to the weak power density.
  5. Overview… The best enemy detection distance among Soviet STs is 390 meters, a decent indicator for level 8.

Object 274a

Tank not without flaws, they are also worth mentioning for the sake of completeness and fairness of judgment:

  1. Stabilization… She’s worse than average. A bit like T-54 sample 1, but the spread will be even greater + lower accuracy and longer aiming time. Therefore, all equipment will have to be used to increase stabilization.
  2. Low turret traverse speed… This is the payback for booking, so in dynamic skirmishes it will not always keep up with a nimble enemy. This parameter is almost the same as that of the STG Guardsman.
  3. Long mixing time… There is nothing to help here, just to reduce the spread of equipment. Reinforced aiming drives or improved ventilation will not save the situation.
  4. This tank not suitable for bush play and long range shooting, the best option is to play on the first line as a support tank. As a last resort (at the bottom of the list), gently support allies at mid range.

Object 274a

In general, the car is interesting, almost all players have Soviet medium tanks, so the crew has already been pumped. This time “Hunt” deserves to pass it, or at least finish off a 70% -80% discount for redemption.

More about the tasks of the “Polar Hunt”.

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