• September 28, 2023

Should you spin Tom’s banner in Genshin Impact?

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the new hero 4⭐️ in Genshin Impact 2.2. Toma’s preferred squad lineup. Find out who this character is suitable for.

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In version 2.2, the only new character will be Toma. Check out this guide to see if it’s worth spending the Source Stones on it and spinning the upcoming banner.

Timing banner with Toma

You can find out the schedule of the next banner, as well as take a look at the past ones, on our website. The banner with Toma will start from the second half of patch 2.2, or rather after 02/11/2021.

What other characters will be in the banner

At the time of the beginning of patch 2.2, it is reliably known that Toma will be in the banner with Hu Tao. She is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ character with a pyro element and plays exclusively the role of the main dd. Hu Tao has enormous damage.

Skills overview

Toma has skills that inflict pyro damage on enemies. The damage from his skills may not be the highest, but the elemental skill and the explosion of elements are able to impose shields. By itself, the shield is far from the most durable in the game. However, do not rush to get upset, as the developers have endowed Toma’s shields with a new mechanics of folding shields – each new shield absorbs all the remaining resistance of the previous one and renews its time.

The explosion of the elements of Toma allows the active character, during normal attacks, to inflict additional pyro-damage in the area, but not more often than once per second. Also, while the ult is in effect, shields will be applied during attacks. The ultimate itself lasts 15 seconds, which already, potentially, can make Toma’s shield the most durable and longest in the game. And by combining the explosion of the elements with an elemental skill and having enough energy recovery, it is possible that the shield can be maintained constantly.

Toma’s passive skills strengthen his shields and increase the damage from the Blazing Rift of the Elemental Blast, depending on the character’s maximum health.

Should I knock out Tom

Shield mechanics are most comfortable for relaxed play in most situations. But in fact, there are not so many good shields in the game. In fact, this is Zhong Li and Dione. Noel also has a good shield, but if you do not play her as the main dd, then there will be too much gap between the shields. The shields of other characters are either too weak, or have a large time gap between the end of the first shield and the ability to apply the second. Toma, on the other hand, has a potentially very powerful shield.

Also, his ultimate allows you to make good additional damage and impose pyro status on enemies, which is undoubtedly very useful, since reactions with pyro elements have a lot of damage.

Who is Tom for?

Perhaps the description of Toma’s skills may look incomprehensible, but in fact he does not have any mechanics that are difficult to implement. Toma is suitable for both beginners and veterans playing since the Genshin release. A character with good additional damage and an excellent shield can become indispensable in many groups. For example, he will perfectly fit into the group with Hu Tao, which comes out with him in the banner. In fact, Toma is the replacement for Xiang Ling in the squad, but with less damage, which makes up for the presence of a shield. For more examples, see the Tom guide.

If you are interested in this hero, then you will have the opportunity to get it in version 2.2, after the end of Tartaglia’s “Winter Parting” banner.

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