• February 21, 2024

Single mode in Among Us: guide how to start

Free Run mode allows you to explore maps and complete missions alone… This experience will be useful for both beginners and experienced players.

How to Play Among Us in Single Player (Solo)

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Among Us? A chat in which every meeting is trying to recognize the traitor, and the imposter himself, trying to lie quietly. Although the game involves social interaction with friends or a casual party, some people want to play alone. This is especially true for those who feel uncomfortable in a company with others.… To solve this problem, especially talented amateurs Among Us have even developed a separate project called Among You. But after the appearance of the “Free Run” mode, there is no need to install a third-party game

This unusual mod allows you to play completely offline and alone.

In it you can choose:

  • any card that will be filled with stationary crew members;
  • available tasks;
  • the role of a traitor or crew member.

Mode “Free run” great for new players who find it difficult to familiarize themselves with maps and tasks during the standard game. In addition, some tasks are not straightforward to accomplish.

By choosing the role of a traitor, you can learn how to effectively sabotage and find the best places for stealthy elimination on each card.

Free mode launch

How to Solo Among Us

To start the game in single player mode, you need to select “Free Run” in the main menu… This label is located just below the online button. Next, four items will appear, each of which corresponds to the name of the card… When the location is selected, the game will begin.

Players will be placed depending on the card:

  • in the cafeteria at Mira HQ;
  • in the meeting room at Polus;
  • in the engine room on The Airship.

When the character spawns, next to him will be the same computerlike at the start of every lobby in a local or online match. By default, several random tasks are activated and several stationary members of the ship will appear on the location.

Interact with your computer to explore the Task Tester 2000 interface. In it, you can select tasks for each room of the map, which are in folders, and the folders themselves correspond to the names of locations. The tasks here are the same as in the real match. After selecting the necessary ones, they will appear in the list of tasks.

Tasks from the list can be removed by simply double-clicking on them… As in the real game, yellow arrows will direct players to the nearest tasks, and active tasks will be highlighted.

Free Mode in Among Us

Task Tester 2000 has a file called Be_Impostor.exe… When launched, the player will become a traitor, which means he will be able to sabotage and destroy NPCs. While in this role, you can practice neutralizing standing characters and sabotaging in different parts of the map.

After running the Be_Impostor.exe file you can report on the bodies found and simulate the general collection together with the vote. You can also press the emergency button, and regardless of whether the player is a traitor or a member of the team.

Free Run mode can help not only beginners, but also experienced gamers… For example, when new maps are released or to work out the tactics of assassinations and sabotage. You can also pass the time in it if there is no internet connection. Well, if you want to be the best on the map without training and wasting time, then just use the cheats. Also, with their help, you can get all pets, clothes and hats.

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