• December 1, 2023

Skyrim: 5 best swords

There are a huge number of assemblies and builds in the world of Skyrim, but in any case, you cannot do without high-quality equipment. Share 5 of the best swords from the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls!


Even swinging the magician, the player in Skyrim still chooses one more discipline to hedge, most often a one-handed weapon. Swords also fall into this category. They are light, fast and deadly. Even with a low skill, the sword can be extremely useful in combat… Warriors can combine several one-handed weapons or choose heavy two-handed specimens.

All weapons collected in our top can be loaded in the vastness of Skyrim. You don’t have to upgrade the skills of a blacksmith and enchanter to get the sword of your dreams. However, these skills will help improve the found weaponsto make it even more deadly and effective. Here are 5 of the best late game swords to find on the map.


Skyrim Cooler

Take the stunning potential of Gust of Wind and combine it with the Pale Blade. The result is the Cooler, a glass sword that simplifies most encounters in Skyrim. For those who are immune to paralysis, 30 cold damage and 15 base damage this blade will become lethal.

  • Base damage is 10-15.
  • Can be enhanced with refined malachite.
  • Deals 5-30 units of cold damage, gives a chance to paralyze the target for 2 seconds.
  • It turns out in a secret room in the Mercer Fairy mansion. You can get there during the “Pursuit” quest, a branch of the Thieves Guild.

Bladscal Blade

Skyrim Bloodskal

The base damage value of this sword is quite high even for two-handed weapons, but in practice Bloodskal is even better than its description suggests. This weapon fires energy charges on heavy attacks, dealing 30 points of damage from such a blow… It can act as both a melee and ranged weapon.

  • Base damage – 21.
  • Can be upgraded with a silver bar.
  • With a power blow, explosive energy erupts from the blade, which deals 30 points of damage.
  • Obtained during the Last Descent quest.

Dragon Scourge

Skyrim Dragon Beach

Dacon Scourge, a blade obtained in the middle of Skyrim’s campaign, is the best weapon for killing dragons. It is the sword of blades that deals up 40 additional damage to dragons if taken at level 46 or higher… It will add 10 more points of electrical damage to other enemies. It’s surprising how much this blade becomes unprofitable if you rush to obtain it (due to the binding of its power to the character level). It’s worth a little wait with the main storyline and come to Sky Haven Temple after level 46, and then you can get the maximum benefit from this weapon.

  • Base damage is 10-14.
  • Can be upgraded with a Mercury Ore Ingot.
  • Deals an additional 20-40 points of dragon damage, as well as 10 points of electricity damage to all other creatures.
  • Obtained during the quest “Alduin’s Wall”.

Ebony Blade

Skyrim Ebony Blade

This Ebony Blade is the two-handed sword of the Daedric Prince Mephala. The weapon absorbs the enemy’s health with each hit and transfers it to the protagonist. Although it is a two-handed sword, it spins as fast as most one-handed. Each hit absorbs 10 health units, but this indicator increases to 30 after the player kills ten friendly NPCs… This weapon strikes like a truck at full speed, heals the player, and can take advantage of a two-handed weapon in addition to its fast attack speed.

  • Base damage – 11.
  • It is impossible to improve.
  • The blade is capable of absorbing 10 to 30 health of the enemy on impact.
  • Obtained during The Door That Whispers quest.

Strangler and Blood Scythe

Skyrim Strangler and Blood Scythe

The Strangler itself deals 13 base damage with no benefit. However, when using Together with the Blood Scythe, it absorbs 15 more units of magic per hit and reduces the enemy’s magic defense. For characters with dual wielding, these two blades are the best swords in the game to pick up. If you use it without a “brother”, then the sword is good for the middle of the passage, but no more.

Like the Strangler, Blood Scythe deals 13 base damage on its own. Combined with his blade brother this sword absorbs an additional 15 health points per hit and reduces the target’s armor. Players can heal most of the damage they take while weakening the enemy with each blow. This is an incredibly powerful combination that is difficult to reproduce even with self-made swords.

  • The base damage of each is 13.
  • Can be upgraded with ebony ingots.
  • When swords are used in combination, they inflict an additional 15 magic damage, absorb 15 life units, and also weaken the physical and magical defenses of the enemy.
  • Obtained during the Seal of Death quest.

We also recommend taking a look at the 5 best swords to get started. You may be able to make them perfect for yourself with the help of blacksmithing.

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