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Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

The Elder Scrolls contains many special spells available to Dovahkiin, available to him by right of blood. They give the protagonist incredible strength, but some of them are especially effective.

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

There are not many projects capable of competing with the popularity of Skyrim, which continue to be played a decade after release. This game is easy to modify, because it has found the attention of modmakers, and, possibly, will become the basis for The Elder Scrolls VI.

Dragon Shouts (Tu’uma) – the business card of the project. At the same time, if some are useful, then the effectiveness of others is extremely doubtful. Therefore, the Dragonborn uses the best onesto defeat the enemy and reach the goal. They will be discussed in this collection.

“Rapid Dash”

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

This cry is surprising ability to move quickly – useful if you need to travel long distances. It is also suitable for cases when the player is stuck or trapped in a trap from which you can only escape by fighting. Over time, the benefits of Tu’um are reduced to minimal, as players use fast travel more often as they explore Skyrim.

Scream words:

  1. “Wuld” (orig. WULD) – “Whirlwind”.
  2. “On” (orig. NAH) – “Fury”.
  3. “Kest” (orig. KEST) – “Storm”.

Dragon Slayer

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

“What have you done?! What twisted Words have you created ?! Tarodis Paarthurnax … I’ll bite his neck! “

(c) Alduin

Considered somewhat of a heresy among the Greybeards and Dragons in Skyrim. Even Paarthurnax does not teach him, since the essence of Tu’um is capable of weaken Dova and deprive him of strength in flight, equating to a mortal. Accordingly, the cry remains incomprehensible, and only the heroes of antiquity in Sovngarde can teach it.

Useful when fighting dragons: no one wants to shoot hopelessly with bows and spells in the air if Tu’um can shoot a dragon from the sky. Without using a shout, Dovahkiin needs to reduce the dragon’s health before it lands.

Scream words:

  1. “Jor” (orig. JOOR) – “Mortal”.
  2. “For” (orig. ZAH) – “Limited”.
  3. “Frul” (orig. FRUL) – “Temporary”.

“Death Sentence”

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

In the original version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, screaming was a bug due to highly inflated damage indicators that create an imbalance in the game. With the release of the add-on, the damage has been fixed, but the Death Sentence remains strong.

Dragons and opponents in heavy armor simply melt like butter in a pan, because Tu’um inflicts damage every second for a minute.

Scream words:

  1. “Kree” (orig. KRII) – “Murder”.
  2. “Lun” (orig. LUN) – “Suction”.
  3. “Aus” (orig. AUS) – “Suffering”.

“Call of Durnevir”

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

Players dreaming of a dragon companion can call for help dragon undead… Crick has a long cooldown, but it’s hard to deny its benefits.

Compare with “Call of the Dragon” (summons Odawinga): at first glance, he seems better, but according to “Call of Durnevir” the monster arrives much faster. In addition, this cry will summon a dragon even in a room where Odawing will definitely not fly.

Scream words:

  1. “Dur” (orig. DUR) – “Curse”.
  2. “Not” (orig. NEH) – “Never”.
  3. “Vir” (orig. VIIR) – “Extinction”.

“Breaking the Soul”

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

No enemy wants to lose a soul in battle. Dragon Souls are needed to learn new parts of Shouts, but also fill in used for enchanting weapons and armor Soul Stone.

The use of “Soul Rip” also summons a dead enemy to the side of Dovahkiin.

Scream words:

  1. “Ri” (orig. RII) – “Essence”.
  2. “You” (orig. VAAZ) – “Pulling out”.
  3. “Evil” (orig. ZOL) – “Zombie”.

Dragon Incarnation

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

Tu’um empowers the Dragonborn with the power of Dov (but without fire breath): the effect of other Shouts is increased, armor becomes stronger, and hits are stronger.

Used once a day.

The scream has an interesting visual effect: the hero is enveloped in streams of power, shaped like armor. It appears when learning the first word and applying it in battle. In addition to the visual component, blows are amplified, and the armor becomes stronger.

When the player learns the second word, the Hero of Antiquity comes to the rescue during the battle if the hero’s health falls below 50%.

With the study of the third word, the player receives a bonus to other shouts.

Scream words:

  1. “Mule” (orig. MUL) – “Power”.
  2. “Kwa” (orig. QAH) – “Armor”.
  3. “Div” (orig. DIIV) – “Serpent”.

“Submission to Will”

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

Riding a dragon is such a compelling idea that it’s hard to imagine a player who hasn’t thought of it. Scream not only subdues the will of an animal or a person, but also brings to life the idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe dragon: admire Skyrim from a bird’s eye view.

Tu’um is used by cunning players to knock the dragon out of the sky… In this case, the enemy will be much stronger than when using the “Dragon Breaker”, because he will not be weakened.

Scream words:

  1. “Goal” (orig. GOL) – “Earth”.
  2. “Ha” (orig. HAH) – “Mind”.
  3. “Dov” (orig. DOV) – “Dragon”.

“Slow Down Time”

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

The shout lets the player slow down time around literally: it helps you avoid the attack of a high-level boss, increase the duration of spells, or run away from the arrows that shoot clouds after the guards.

In real life, the player would, of course, at least be given strange looks.

Scream words:

  1. “Teed” (orig. TIID) – “Time”.
  2. “Clo” (orig. KLO) – “Sand”.
  3. “Ul” (orig. UL) – “Eternity”.

“Ruthless Force”

Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

FUS-RO-YES! The famous, versatile and funny Scream, with which you can not only get out of a difficult situation, but also send the enemy on a flight to the moon (in a figurative sense, of course).

Collecting all three parts of the shout is easiest. It is so common that even draugrs in the dungeons use it.

The usefulness of Tu’um is difficult to overestimate: you can throw enemies away and give Dovahkiin time to rest, throw a heavily armed enemy off a cliff or break through a wall. Dragons and mammoths can also be hit with this cry.

Scream words:

  1. “Fus” (orig. FUS) – “Strength”.
  2. “Ro” (orig. RO) – “Equilibrium”.
  3. “Yes” (orig. DAH) – “Push”.


Skyrim: TOP-10 of the best Dragon Shouts

It is difficult to imagine a Shout that allows you to feel as comfortable when facing an enemy as Ethereal does. Eliminates damage from fire, cold and falling from a cliff. Thief or assassin can sneak up on a target, and an ambushed sorcerer easily break out of the cordon and strike from a distance.

Scream words:

  1. “Faym” (orig. FEIM) – “Disappearance”.
  2. “Zi” (orig. ZII) – “Soul”.
  3. “Gron” (orig. GRON) – “Communication”.

The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim has rarely used Tu’ums: for example, “Disarmament” or “Friendship with the Beasts”. The first one is not very effective, because the disarmed enemy continues to attack, and the second … Well, who will call the mud crab for help? In summary, it should be said that each shout is useful if applied in a suitable situation.

Skyrim knows how to surprise not only with shouts, but also with unusual swords or wonderful magic staves. In addition, this game has many unexplored locations and incredibly powerful bosses. You can endlessly explore the expanses of Skyrim, it is only important to be patient and not try to speed up the passage.

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