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Skyrim: TOP 5 best jarls

In the legendary RPG from Bethesda, a huge map is divided into areas subject to the owners there. Among them there are several bestwho are worthy of their title and fully cope with the assigned duties.

Skyrim: TOP 5 best jarls

The most influential people in the province of Skyrim are Yazar, each of which owns one of nine holdings. All of them must take care of the local population and defend their own possessions, and they can also support one of the two opposing sides in the Civil War (if such a side was chosen by them).

Some Yarls are considered to be strong and effective leaders. thanks to which their possessions flourish, and the people under their control live well. We invite you to explore our TOP of the best rulers in Skyrim.

5th place: Brunwulf Winter Expanse (Windhelm)

Brunwulf Winter Expanse (Windhelm)

After the Empire wins the Civil War and Ulfric Stormcloak dies, Brunwulf Winter Reach becomes Jarl of Windehlm… The wise warrior admits that intends to significantly change the city, making it hospitable to all races, whether they are Nords, Elves or Argonians.

The Jarl’s ideals are noble and friendly towards everyone, but they are the ones that force them to make promises that are not so easy to fulfill. Brunwulf Winter Expanse is frankly weak in politics and related intrigues, but he has specific goals and compassion for everyone, for whom the newly made Jarl is responsible.

4th place: Brina Merilis (White Beach)

Brina Merilis (White Beach)

Former soldier of the Imperial Legion and hero of the Great War (between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Tamrielic Empire), Brina Merilis may become Jarl of the White Coast if the Stormcloaks are defeated in the Civil War

Compared to the previous ruler, she is more practical and caring towards her people. As soon as Brina gains the reins, the hold builds up defenses against the often attacking dragons.

The population of Dawnstar sees the former soldier as a ruler better and more solid than Skald was, who foolishly believed in the strength of the Stormcloaks and was sure that the departure of the Empire and Thalmor would save Skyrim from all misfortunes. It’s no surprise that the city’s residents were happy about the change of government.… With the newly minted defender in the person of Brina Merilis, they were clearly lucky!

3rd place: Vignar Gray-Mane (Whiterun)

Vignar Gray-Mane (Whiterun)

Vignar Greymane takes control of Whiterun in case the rebels take over the city… This is a real conservative who adheres to the old Nordic views and does not accept anything modern. He also is about to restore worship of Talosplanning to build a temple to a given deity.

Aged Nord’s priorities include restoring resources and the city itself after the Civil War. Although Vignar Greymane is loyal to the Stormcloaks, he does not involve his people in political and military affairs, for he understands that the people of Whiterun have other pressing problems.

It is noteworthy that in his youth the character was one of the Companions. He is also the head of one of the two oldest clans – the Gray Manes. In general, he is a very influential and rich old man (he is even proud of the latter).

2nd place: Idgrod Black (Morthal)

Idgrod Black (Morthal)

Idgrod Black can be described as (already a rather elderly wise woman with broad views. She acts quickly and confidently in any situation, if the well-being or the lives of its people depends on it… With strangers and strange personalities, Jarl Morthala, on the contrary, is neat and attentive, in order to trust only those who deserve it.

And may Idgrod the Black support the Empire in the Civil War, her own possessions are much more important to her… Some stay away from her due to distrust of the court magician and due to the mystical abilities that she is rumored to possess.

Among all the Jarls of Skyrim Idgrod Chernaya stands out for its zeal for learning new things… Even as an elderly Nordic lady, she still learns and seeks wisdom from all sorts of sources.

1st place: Balgruf the Elder (Whiterun)

Balgruf the Elder (Whiterun)

Unwaveringly devoted to his people and dominion, Balgruf the Elder works tirelessly to ensure the residents of Whiterun are comfortable and safe.… And all this despite the height of the Civil War and the onslaught of dragons.

In addition, the Jarl compares favorably with most others in that tries to stay out of the conflict between the Empire and the Stormcloaks while remaining neutral… The ruler is easy to understand, because for him what is happening within the walls of his own city is more important than outside them.

Balgruf the Elder prays to Talos and hates the Thalmor with all his heart. He tries to be true to the beliefs of the Nordics, while adapting to different situations, like a wise and modern man. Whatever he does is almost always for the sake of his people.!

Skyrim has many interesting secrets and secrets that make the games truly unique. Even if you’ve spent tens of hours in the snowy Nordic lands, you can always install an interesting new mod or fight an incredibly difficult boss. Well, for those who just want to feel nostalgic, we have a guide to companion companion in Skyrim by zodiac sign.

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