• March 4, 2024

Skyrim: TOP 5 Worst Jarls

In this open-world RPG, territory is divided into realms with rulers. It is on these influential persons that the fate and well-being of the cities or settlements entrusted to them depends.

TOP 5 worst jarls

As in real life, in Skyrim, not every land owner adequately fulfills his duties, taking care of his own people. Some Yarls only enjoy high position and power.… And all this taking into account the already difficult circumstances, when the dragons returned and the Civil War rages.

We share with you a selection of five worst rulers in the province of Skyrim.

5th place: Skald (White Coast)

Skald (White Coast)

A loyal devotee of Talos, fully supportive of Ulfric Stormcloak and his Stormcloaks. Commitment to them makes a real fanatic out of Skaldwho sends the best units of his guard to fight in the Civil War. Eventually possession of the White Coast remained completely defenseless

In addition to frankly unsuccessful strategic decisions, the elderly jarl worsens the atmosphere in the settlement, threatening to execute all the soldiers of the Imperial Guard in his city.

Skald is clearly a man of firm convictions, but this quality can not always be called positive. His priorities are often misplaced and harm both the property of the White Coast and its residents

4th place: Igmund (Reach)

Igmund (Reach)

Igmund shows weak will, allowing the Silver Bloods to rule freely in their city of Markarth… What’s more, he doesn’t seem to notice that the Outcast Conspiracy is unfolding right in front of his nose. Even if you warn him about the sad consequences that will surely come with this type of government, he ignores everything and shrugs it off… Obviously, Igmund understands everything, but does not want to bear the burden of responsibility.

This ruler knows that has no real power in the city, being only a nominal figure. So he does not interfere with the Silver Bloods or anyone else in their attempts to protect the Reach, letting everything go by chance.

3rd place: Layla Hand of the Law (Riften)

Layla Hand of the Law (Riften)

Lilah Hand of the Law cannot be accused of not giving a damn about her own city, but she rules badly. Riften is known as the settlement with the highest level of corruption, for which Maven Black Heather is to blame – Jarl’s ally. The ruler trusts too much of an influential rich woman, which is why she manipulates her like a puppet, using for his own selfish purposes

Laila Law Hand knows about the Thieves Guild, but thinks that the situation is completely under her control. Counselors only convince her of this.

Despite her venerable age and extensive experience in office, the ruler of Riften is naive and downright stupid. Even if she tries to seem strong and domineering, all this is nothing more than dust in her eyes.

2nd place: Maven Black Heather (Riften)

Maven Black Heather (Riften)

Maven Black Heather is a very wealthy and most influential inhabitant of the city, which in fact has more power than the Jarl. She is the main source of corruption in Riften and takes over the official reins of government should the Empire take over.

This personality is cunning and shrewd, so she is ideal for the position of Jarl. The disadvantage of Maven Black Heather is that all her leadership and management qualities are uses only in his own interests, spitting on the city and its citizens… The only thing that worries her is the well-being of her family and business.

1st place: Sidgeir (Falkreath)

Sidgeir (Falkreath)

According to Siddgeir, he earned his place due to his excellent qualities and the fact that the previous ruler, in the person of his uncle, did not cope with the assigned duties. There is also an alternative opinion: many inhabitants of Skyrim are convinced that he became a Jarl only due to his ties with the Empire

Completely incompetent and steeped in corruption Sidgeir sucks wealth from Falkreath like a parasite, enjoying his seat on the throne.… He knows nothing but how to enjoy privileges and use them to the fullest. The responsibilities of the ruler are transferred to the manager.

Moreover, Sidgeir collaborates with local gangs, turning a blind eye to their robberies and atrocitiesthat terrorize the city. Naturally, for this he receives a share from each loot. The people of Falkreath are certainly not to be envied.

Skyrim knows how to surprise not only bad, but also good jarls. In addition, in this game you can find an incredible amount of secrets and secret locations. There are no less interesting dungeons in the game that can lure the player for long hours.

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