• September 30, 2023

Skyrim TOP-8 Huscarls: from worst to best

In Skyrim, the player can take only one bodyguard with him, so choose wisely. After the Dragonborn helps one of the Jarls and gets a home, he will be able to appoint a personal housecarl.

Dovahkiin's companions rating

In the province of Skyrim, Yarls can bestow the title of Thane on Dovahkiin. For this to happen, you need to help several residents of the corresponding settlement, and then its head will notice the actions of the hero. In addition to the fact that getting the title is very honorable, the player also has new privileges, one of which is – appointing own housecarl

These characters become companions and bodyguards of the Dragonborn, fighting side by side or guarding the estate. In general, they have the same skills and dialogue, but there are some details that make others better or worse than others. Therefore, we have formed the top Dovahkiin bodyguards in ascending order.

Argis Bastion

Argis Bastion

After receiving the title of thana in possession Limit, the player can move to Vlindrel Hall with Argis as a housecarl. Like all other representatives of the rating, he is strong in battle, but unlike the majority, he is polite in dialogues.

Argis is the only housecarl in Skyrim who cannot be assigned to the role of the estate manager.

If the protagonist marries Stenwar, Bastion will constantly attack the player (most likely due to a bug). These facts make Argis the worst bodyguard.

Yordis Sword Maiden

Yordis Sword Maiden

Dragonborn will receive a huscarl in the person of Jordis after becoming a thane of possession Haafingar… Like Argis, she is a valiant protector, but without a strong personality in dialogue. In addition, there are a few small things (again, bugs) that make it impossible to call it an effective companion.

From time to time, the Maiden of Sword will disappear for no reason, and you can find her in standard equipment at the “High Spire” estate.

She also does not use some bows, even if they are better than the available ones. For instance, Jordis does not pick up the powerful Nightingale Bow. Such things annoy many gamers, so it is located only in the penultimate place in the top.

Gregor, Warrior Nord of Dawnstar

Gregor of Dawnstar

About Gregor, bodyguard of the thaan of the domain White Beach, very little can be said, and that is why he is in sixth position in the ranking. Like all Huscarls, he does well in battles, but does not use any unique mechanics or skills.

Despite the high skill of wielding one-handed weapons, by default Gregor uses a two-handed sword, with which its effectiveness in battle is reduced. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved by equipping a good one-handed weapon.

Gregor is an example of a gray and uninteresting character, a typical representative of the Nords. Unfortunately, that’s all there is to say about him.

Jonah, Warrior of the Rift

Jonah of the Rift

Huscarl thana of possession The rift, And she, communicates with the Dragonborn quite harshly and rudely… Even if you marry her, the dialogues will still be tortured and unfriendly. While she’s great on the battlefield, traveling with her isn’t exactly fun.

If you put Jonah in the role of house guard, she will take this position too seriously. For example, when the player kills a chicken in the Honey Garden, which already belongs to Dovahkiin, the northern warrior without hesitation will start attacking him… As a result, this bodyguard does not differ from others in anything, with the exception of a heavy temper.

Calder, a Nord of Hjerim

Calder of Hjerim

Like everyone else, huscarl thana of the possessions Eastmarch cannot boast of unique abilities in battle. He represents the standard Nord warrior, but in the dialogues with Calder, you feel more individualthan most other bodyguards.

Although the majority of his remarks are the same as those of other companions, the warrior from Hjerim can at times mention the ghosts in the dwarf ruins or talk about how he cracked the giant’s head like a walnut.

Such features make him an interesting companion, with whom it is pleasant to fight and travel.

Raya, the Redguard of Falkreath

Raya of Redguard

Raya is the only non-Nordic protector of Dovahkiin in Skyrim. To make her a huscarl, one must become a tan Falkreath… Despite her unusual origins, most of her dialogue is the same as that of other bodyguards. This makes the character seem inferior.

The valiant Redguard earned the third place in the ranking thanks to her unique combat actions. Unlike the rest of her companions, she can take one-handed weapon in each hand without the need to place a pickaxe or a Rogue Sword in your inventory.

Since Raya is an excellent master of the fighting style with two weapons, she quickly and beautifully deals with enemies.

Lydia, Warrior of Dragon’s Reach

Lydia of Whiterun

The first housecarl of almost every player is Lydia of Wyrmrest. Perhaps that is why she is considered the most popular protector of the protagonist. To take her to his service, it is enough to receive the title of thana Whiterun… Her impressive fighting skills will greatly facilitate passing difficult quests for low-level heroes

Lydia has a strong personality and her own character compared to other defenders, especially in the Dragonborn expansion. During your adventures in the lands of Skyrim and Solstheim, you can hear many lines from this housecarl. They mention the dwarven ruins, the tower of Tel Mithryn, the stones of the All-Creator, and much more. Thanks to Lydia’s remarks, the passage of the game becomes more interesting than with the rest of the defenders.

Valdemar, Battlemage of Hjalmarch

Waldemar of Hjalmarch

While nearly all huscarls are warriors, Valdemar is also possesses magic skills… Thane Bodyguard of Possession Hjaalmarch skillfully wields one-handed weapons, simultaneously casting spells of the schools of destruction, restoration and change. His combination of healing spells, combined with the magic of wood or stone flesh, makes Valdemar very tough in battle.

Such abilities make the defender a very versatile fighter, especially considering the use of suitable spells. For example, the battle mage from Hjaalmarch can resurrect a fallen draugr, so that he fought on the side of the player. That is why Valdemar takes the honorable first place in the ranking of the best dragonborn huscarls.

Which housecarl companion do you think is the best in the game? Write your opinion in the comments. In addition, you can read about which NPC from Skyrim will suit you according to your zodiac sign. We can also share with you the most effective shouts or the most mysterious locations in the Nordic lands.

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