• March 4, 2024

Solution for the error “failed to load player data” GTA Online

When trying to enter GTA Online, many players notice that the process is interrupted with the message “could not load player data” or 1 character. As a result, access to the game progress that was obtained earlier is lost. However, there are a few simple tricks that have worked for other users. We recommend you try them too.

How do I fix the error “Failed to load player data”?

To regain access to a GTA Online character who has invested hundreds of hours of game time, you need to follow a few simple procedures:

  • Reload console or a computer – an old, but time-tested and effective way.
  • Learn about Rocksta server availabilityr. The required information is displayed on this page. If the servers are being upgraded or serviced, you will have to wait.
  • Clear cache… Often it is he who interferes with downloading and processing character data, preventing synchronization with the server. On the computer, in the documents, you need to find the folder with Rockstar and in the GTA directory, just delete the Cache. On the console, when the Rockstar logo appears, press L1 and R1 together while holding the bumpers. The brightness control menu should be displayed, along with this, the cache will be deleted in the background. Accordingly, access to cloud saves on the network may appear.

In general, that’s all, no special and especially complex actions are required. The reason is in one of the listed points: a system failure, server maintenance or damage to the game cache.

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