• February 20, 2024

Solved: ENGINE ERROR in CS: Go and Left4Dead

Despite the risk of ENGINE ERROR appearing in all games, the error usually appears in CS: Go and Left4Dead. In its original form, the error text is as follows: “Engine Error. Your graphics hardware does not support all features (CSM) needed to run this game. ” A crash often appears during the loading phase of the game, and that’s where it ends. You cannot return to the initial screen after a failure. For some users, the error appears right during the game, then it instantly crashes. In most cases, the video adapter driver is the source of the problem.

How do I fix crashes?

For the convenience of the user, we will consider the main solutions in the form of step-by-step instructions:

  1. Checking the cache. It is better to start with it, because the method is simple and often helps. To do this, open Steam and right-click on the name of the game, and then go to “Properties”. Then you should open “Local files” and click on the “Check the integrity of the cache” button.
  2. Update video driver. It is important to install drivers from the manufacturer’s official website. Driverpacks often put outdated versions into the system. An alternative option is to make a PCM on “Start”, open the “Device Manager” and go to the “Properties” of the video adapter. The necessary “Update” button is located on the “Drivers” page. After the update, the error should not appear, but it is better to restart the computer in advance.
  3. Check the correctness of the directories for installing the game. The failure may appear due to the fact that the path to the directory contains Russian characters.
  4. Change graphics settings. It makes sense to do this if the problem appeared after editing the graphics parameters. Setting a lower picture quality should fix the problem.
  5. Update video card drivers – this action is useful for owners of laptops with an integrated video card. The essence of the method is similar to updating the video driver, but due to the design features of the adapter, you need to update the motherboard drivers.

If all of the above does not help, then the problem is caused by an outdated version of some platforms. For CS and Left4Dead to work, you need to have a new version of DirectX, .NET Framework, VCredist and Visual C ++. All software products are free.

How do I get the latest version of DirectX?

This software is developed by Microsoft and distributed free of charge. You just need to download DirectX… On the page where you find yourself after clicking on the link, you need to select the Russian language and download the web installer. If a window appears prompting you to install additional software, it is better to select “Refuse and Continue”. As soon as the installation file is on the computer, all that remains is to run it.

To make sure that the DX is updated, hold down Win + R, enter dxdiag and press Enter. On the System tab, the last line is DirectX Version. It remains only to compare the version with the minimum requirements of the game.

How do I update Visual C ++?

The required software is also located on the Microsoft website, it can be downloaded by link… A window will appear in which you need to select the language and components to download. The correct component depends on the Windows bitness. After launching and a short installation procedure, everything should work.

Installing the .NET Framework

Here linkwhere you can download this software. Everything is the same here, you need to download the program and install the framework.

Important! For the .NET Framework to work properly, you need to check for Windows updates. Otherwise, even a new version of the platform may fail. The Update Center allows you to run the update check, and you can easily find it by searching the Start panel. If the computer has an old version (Windows XP or 2003), you will have to install Windows Imaging Component to run the game. It is available on link

During installation, the user may be presented with the “We Recommend” window. It is better not to install extra packages, because there is no special need for them.

VCredist update

Software is here… For its normal operation, you need to install the current version of Visual C ++ in advance.

After updating all key components, the ENGINE ERROR will no longer appear.

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