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Sovngarde secrets that no one knows about

The greatness of the fifth part of the “Elder Scrolls” is not in vain made up of legends. It turned out to be extremely bright, and for some it even overshadowed Oblivion. Sovngarde is one of the most epic and memorable locations in the game.

Skyrim: Secrets of Sovngarde

What attracts Skyrim? Freedom of action, pseudo-historical Scandinavian setting, incredible variability of character leveling and, of course, a huge map. In the process of passing the game, we constantly hear about a mysterious place, the name of which is – Sovngarde… From the context, it is easy to guess that this is an analogue of Valhalla, the afterlife, where brave warriors go to an eternal feast.

But you can only see the palaces of Shor (the lesser known name of Sovngarde) with your own eyes, going through the main storyline… It’s no secret that many gamers even forgot about the victory over Alduin, preferring research and systematic pumping, but in vain.

The opportunity to get into Sovngarde appears shortly before the battle with the main antagonist… You will stay there a little, and you will not be able to return back (only if using console commands). That is why it is necessary open your eyes wide and notice all the detailsprepared for us by the developers.

Where is Sovngarde located?

Skyrim Sovngarde

It’s time to remember the introductory video, tied to the choice of the character, when Ulfric and I are brought to execution. “Now, we entrust your souls to Aetherius“, The priestess solemnly pronounces in front of the crowd of death row.

So, Shor’s palaces are located right in this mysterious Aetherius (an analogue of Oblivion for good characters), which is the plan of the Aedra – opponents of Daedra. It is one of the areas of this peculiar “Paradise” that is called Sovngarde.

Northern Lights

Skyrim Sovngarde

When you walk through a mysterious location and shake with anticipation of meeting the heroes of the past, the last thing you want to do is look at the sky. But there you can see the stunning northern lights, which does not disappear, since there is no change of time of day in Sovngarde. Depending on the location of the character, you will observe various whimsical patterns rare natural phenomenon.

Arctic flora

Skyrim Sovngarde

The artists paid special attention to vegetation. Again, who cares about flowers when an evil dragon just asks to taste vigorous steel!

Nevertheless, the atmosphere of Sovngarde becomes truly magical thanks to bright northern vegetation, which has become one of the key details of the landscape.

No animals

Skyrim Sovngarde

Veterans of Skyrim know that animals have no place in Sovngarde. They are welcomed by Hircine in his halls, so the leader of the Companions, Kodlak Whitemane, did not want to remain a werewolf.

An attentive player will notice full compliance with the lore, there are not even spiders and birdsfor which the developers should be commended. However, one animal still has to meet, and this is far from the cutest dragon in the world.

Shore’s personality

Skyrim Sovngarde

Shor is a highly revered and benevolent Aedra, god of the underworld. As you travel through Sovngarde, you can learn more about Shore, fight his squire and appreciate the location.

Of course, you can delve deeper into history, remember that, in terms of his strength, this hero comparable to Akatosh himself, but the god of the dead is a mysterious person and almost never shows his appearance. He participated in the creation of Nirn and Mundus, did many good things during his lifetime and died heroically in battle, like other inhabitants of Sovngarde.

Animal totems

Skyrim Sovngarde

There really are no animals or their spirits in Sovngarde. But the whole location is saturated with a certain symbolism and love for our smaller brothers. Often there is a sign foxes – Shor’s totem animal.

Also, everywhere you can see bird motifs, figurines, statues, feathers. This is probably due to Shore’s personal life, for the hawk is the symbol of his wife, Kynareth.

The past doesn’t matter

Skyrim Sovngarde

And by what principle do heroes get to Sovngarde? Beliefs say that Shore does not weigh good and bad deeds, he is only interested in how the person met death.

On the other hand, the god of the afterlife does not call to himself those who rejected the worship of him during his lifetime. However, this is not a big problem, since the spirit of the deceased can spend eternity and in the palaces of another god, whom he revered more than others. Of course, all these restrictions do not apply to the dragonborn, so we easily go to Sovngarde on the quest.

Sovngarde sky

Skyrim Sovngarde

When the main character distributes skill points, funny constellations, dressed in characteristic pictures, appear. This is not just a whim of developers and cute visuals for the amusement of gamers. All these star systems really exist and they are located in the sky of Sovngarde.

Of course, when you complete the mission, everything is covered with fog, but the cry “clear sky»Will help you understand that every element of the game is part of a larger story. And in its significance, it probably surpasses not only the plot, but also the very fact of the appearance of the dragonborn.

Moving statues

Skyrim Sovngarde

Arriving in Sovngarde, you will surely notice several statues facing the main character. It would seem that it is a curious decoration, which is worth a quick run past, getting closer to the quest.

However, mysticism turns on here – statues will look at you, regardless of the location of the character. One has only to look away, and figures, similar to dragon priests, will immediately pierce you with their gaze again.

A reference to dreams

Skyrim Sovngarde

Do not forget that Skyrim is, although fantasy, to a large extent, but Norse mythology also left a mark on the game… It is clear that all the names have been changed, non-existent ones were invented, but the authors really wanted to give the plot more credibility.

The word Sovngarde is easy enough to translate, breaking it into 2 parts (sovn – to sleep, guard – a place). It turns out something like a “place to sleep”, which is very symbolic when we talk about the afterlife. In any case, the authors took the floor not from the ceiling, but really worked out the topic, which is very pleasing.

Nords and Atmorans

Skyrim Sovngarde

Shore is not recruiting among all those who died in arms. May they claim the favor of God only Nords and Atmorans – an ancient multinational race.

Everyone else will have to win the favor of the other Daedra and Aedra, who are ready to shelter their fans after death.

Discovery of life

Skyrim Sovngarde

This is far from the most ingenious spell in the game. Every character can master it, regardless of race, if he strains his convolutions a little. The only question is, why try to find life in Sovngarde?

Take it as entertainment, especially since the results can surprise even an experienced warrior. Let’s not spoil try to cope with this task yourself.

Dragonborn Scarcity

Skyrim Sovngarde

In Sovngarde there are many different heroes, many familiar faces and just celebrities, about whom fans of the “scrolls” read about in books. And here there are only two dragonborn: you and some other unnamed type. Hardly an ordinary player will pay attention to this, because there are a lot of interesting things around, why then look for brothers by blood?

Nevertheless, you involuntarily ask yourself a question: have only two dragonborn made it to Sovngarde in so many centuries? Let’s say that not all of them could boast of the desired race, but this is still very little!

It seems that among the dragonborn there were only cowards who did not want to die in battle, Daedro worshipers and haters of the shoron. Perhaps the history of Skyrim is hiding something from us, but most likely, the developers simply did not count on such a corrosive audience.

Wall of words

Skyrim Sovngarde

Dragon screams – the path to the power of our hero… There is a wealth of information on the internet on how to find every word of power, and Sovngarde also has such a wall. Alas, it is tightly blocked by a rubble and we cannot even imagine what is hidden behind it.

However, there is also a nice bonus. One of Shor’s tans, Tsun, will teach us to call the hero of the palaces for help after the fight with Alduin.

Side quests

Skyrim Sovngarde

Killing Alduin is far from all of Skyrim. If you wish to fully explore Sovngarde, make sure to bypassed all its surroundings and coped with all the missions.

This small location is densely packed with lore and even if you don’t understand everything, the feeling of the presence of something great does not leave the player during the journey.

Skyrim amazes players with its hidden locations, secrets and secrets. If you consider yourself a real fan, then you simply have to choose the perfect partner for your zodiac sign or defeat all the most difficult bosses.

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