• December 5, 2023

sppextcomobjpatcher – what is it and is it dangerous for the computer?

Are you using the Windows operating system? Then you probably already managed to notice the sppextcomobjpatcher. Most likely, you have it in the following directories:

  • C: Windows Setup scripts Win32 SppExtComObjPatcher
  • C: Windows Setup scripts x64 SppExtComObjPatcher

In addition, the process with this file can also be seen in the Task Manager. Of course, many users, when faced with this strange file, immediately ask themselves: is it not dangerous and should I delete it?

What is sppextcomobjpatcher?

sppextcomobjpatcher is a critical component of the Key Management Service (KMS) activator for the Windows operating system and other Microsoft products. Simply put, it is thanks to this small file that the “spiral” Windows remains activated.


Therefore, it is not surprising that your antivirus reacted to it as a potential threat – Microsoft does not like piracy!

Is sppextcomobjpatcher.exe safe?

Technically, sppextcomobjpatcher cannot pose a threat to a pirated version of Windows. In the end, the user must have used KMS himself to activate it.

Nevertheless, if you are the owner of a licensed version of Windows (and there are many!), Then you urgently need to scan your system again for other threats and get rid of the sppextcomobjpatcher.

The conclusion is this: if you have pirated Windows – do not worry, if licensed – delete the file and scan Windows again.

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