• September 29, 2022

SU-35931-1 when updating PS4 – how to fix?

Error SU-35931-1 may occur during PS4 online update. The error message usually contains the following information:

The system software update files are partially corrupted.


An error has occurred.

A nasty notice, especially if you’re tired after a long day at work and want to quickly update your PS4 so that it can finally run the video game you want. Fortunately, the error in question is not a serious problem – it is solved extremely easily.

Solving error SU-35931-1 on PS4


Solution #1 Restart PS4 software update

Many users, seeing such an error, begin to worry, and in some cases, panic. Nevertheless, the latter is definitely not worth doing: PS4 update errors are an extremely common problem. As a rule, running the console update again helps get rid of SU-35931-1 (and other similar errors).

To update your PS4 manually, you need to do the following:

  • open “Settings” on the console;
  • go to the PS4 OP ​​update section;
  • select the “Update via Internet” option.

As long as your PS4 is connected to a stable internet connection, then updating your console should go off without a hitch.

Solution #2 Updating PS4 Using a Flash Drive

In some cases, the PS4 may refuse to update normally in the usual way. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but all this trouble can be circumvented by updating the console using a USB drive. To prepare your flash drive for the latest PS4 update, you need to do the following:

  • connect the flash drive to the computer and format it to the FAT32 file system;
  • create a “PS4” folder on the flash drive, then open it and create an “UPDATE” folder in it;
  • go to following linkto download the latest PS4 update;
  • copy the “PS4UPDATE.PUP” file to the “UPDATE” folder on the flash drive;
  • connect the flash drive with the update file to your PS4;
  • put the console into safe mode by holding down the power button and holding it until the 2nd (!) beep;
  • connect the DualShock controller to the console via a USB cable and select the option to update the PS4 software from the list;
  • select the “Update from USB” option and confirm your intentions by selecting “OK”;
  • wait for the PS4 update to finish.

With this method of updating the PS4, you should not encounter error SU-35931-1 at all.

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