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Subnautica Margaret Maida: history, secrets and secrets

Probably everyone who has had the pleasure of enjoying the amazing By “survival” Subnautica, paid special attention to personality Margaret Maida… A middle-aged woman is not the most pleasant character we have to deal with. She meets us exponentially coldly and with her whole appearance shows that she is not too happy with an outside presence.

Margaret Maida

However, you need to remember that each character has its own story, and Subnautica heroes are no exception. We are not born evil and cynical people, but acquire these qualities under the influence of certain circumstances. In this article we will tell you a little more about Margaret and we will try change your attitude towards her for the better

Homeland of Margaret Maida

Subnautica.  Mongolian world

First you need to make a reservation that the universe Subnautica divided into many trans-states. Mongolian states – one of these formations, located on the very outskirts of space. The emergence of this state is closely connected with the past war, after the end of which, it was here that unnecessary colonists were sent. It’s not hard to guess that local conditions were rather harshand technological development left much to be desired.

The inhabitants of the Mongolian states had to go through a lot of difficultiesbefore they were able to establish their way of life. The trans-state has become a force to be reckoned with now, but its population, hardened by many trials, has become somewhat bitter. Mongolians have managed to make progress through tough discipline, enhanced military training, and the principles of honor are more important to them than personal well-being.


Subnautica.  TSF

Margaret Maida was no exception to the rule. The woman entered Mongolian Defense Forces, had an impeccable track record and always responsibly carried out the assignments entrusted to her. Of course, promotion was the natural result of this zeal. Margaret transferred to Trans-System Federation – a law enforcement agency, the main function of which is to monitor compliance Of the Charter

According to the idea, the TCF organization should become a model of justice and resolve disputes in accordance with the established regulations. However, nothing human is alien to law enforcement the top of the department is mired in corruption… When crisp bills appeared, even ordinary employees of the organization often abandoned their own beliefs. As a result, it was not the one on whose side justice was right, but the richest and most influential members of society.

Margaret’s strict upbringing and the principles laid down in her from an early age did not allow her to put up with such a state of affairs. Maida gradually, through internal conflict, comes to a total rejection of corporations, bribe-takers and the system in general.

Subnautica.  Pretty landscape

Another secret operation was the last for Margaret – she, by virtue of her convictions, refused to carry out the order and saved many lives by doing so. Maida successfully entered into an armed confrontation, but the command hoped that the group would only follow the development of events, not betraying themselves. Shame and universal censure fell on the woman’s head. Naturally, further work in the TSF and other paramilitary structures was out of the question.

Nevertheless, it was necessary to make a living, and Maida’s narrow specialization left her no other path than, become a mercenary

Degazi history

Subnautica.  Bart

Now Margaret focused on escort of merchant shipswho needed protection from pirates. It was not the calmest and most profitable job, but it made it possible to always have a piece of bread, which remains a priority for the bulk of the population at all times.

Difficult tests were still ahead and they began with another contract. Mongolian ship “Degasi”led by Paul Torgal crashed the planet 4546V… Of the entire crew, only three survived: Margaret, the captain and his son, Bart

It must be said that the relationship between Maida and Paul was initially strained, and this rivalry intensified even more after the tragedy. The captain was a conservative and always followed proven patterns, and Margaret had a much more flexible mind and offered progressive solutions. Bart, in turn, supported the mercenary more than his own father, since he was a maximalist, like any young man.

Conflict of interest led to construction of the first survivor base on Floating Island, although Margaret offered to move to Jellyfish Mushroom Cavewhere in her opinion it was much safer. Paul managed to insist on his own, but later the Degasi crew members had to return to Maida’s plan as their hideout was flooded.

In general, the team survived only through the efforts of Margaret, who managed not only to protect comrades from bloodthirsty sea predators and to hunt, but also established research activities.

Ironically, it was Maida who was responsible for the destruction of the last base built in Deep Sea Reef… Going far enough in her research, the woman managed to drag the wounded reaper to the shelter of the survivors. It was not hard to guess that other leviathans, who heard the call for help, would want to protect their half-living kindred.

Subnautica.  Leviathan Reaper

Therefore, instead of triumph, Margaret was waiting for a duel with another reaper, huge, strong and full of energy. Maida armed herself with a shrapnel from the base and with all her might stuck it into the leviathan, which without thinking twice dragged her into the depths of the dead zone. The fate of the Torgals turned out to be unenviable, Paul’s life path was interrupted squid crab, and Bart was struck by a local disease “Haraa”

Loneliness Margaret

Subnautica.  Sector zero

Margaret was not going to submit to fate and fought with the leviathan until her last breath. It is not known how much time has passed, but the sea monster found itself in the unenviable position of a loser and expired. After a short rest, the woman analyzed the situation and realized that she would not be able to return to the Torgals, because she was in dead zone… Margaret has no choice but to sail forward, counting on a smile of fortune.

Maida had a small supply of drinking water with her, the meat of the slain leviathan provided her satiety, and its fat became fuel for a fire. Moreover, Margaret used the body of the beast as a vehicle and successfully hid inside the animal from the vagaries of the weather. Outstanding preparation and incredible will to live allowed Maida to survive this critical phase and start from scratch. After several days of travel, the woman arrived at “Sector zero”, which became her new home.

Probably high immunity and cold climatic conditions allowed Margaret protect yourself from the haraa virus, which would have struck down almost any person constantly experiencing stress long ago. Now Maida’s task has become quite trivial, because a woman copes with survival the best. In a relatively short time, she managed to build two bases, one of which she used to grow edible plants.

Subnautica.  Snow stalker

At the disposal of Margaret was a warm suit that protects from the local cold and the exoskeleton “Crab”, modified with the bones of the inhabitants of the sector. Let’s not wonder where the mercenary got resources, let’s assume that she was very familiar with the local crafting system.

The cherry on the cake is domestication snow stalker, who became a companion for Margaret, acting as a watchdog. The motivation of the representative of the fauna is also quite understandable – it is better to rest inside a warm base and get food than to wander through the icy wastelands in the hope of accidental prey. We can notice that leviathan skull now adorns the wall of Maida’s base and serves as a reminder of her happy days.

Alterra Expeditions

Subnautica.  Penguwing

According to the law of the genre, the hero does not have time to catch his breath, as new misfortunes fall on his head. So Margaret’s measured life in relatively tolerable conditions was short-lived – uninvited guests were drawn to “sector zero” in whole rows.

Samantha Ayew – the sister of the main character of the second part of the franchise. Via spy pingwings she finds out about Maida’s existence and gets in touch with her. For all her unsociability, Margaret begins to feel sympathy for Samantha against the background of their general dislike for Alterra.

The mercenary helps her new girlfriend to sabotage Omega, and also supplies her with the equipment to seal the frozen leviathan cave. The road to hell is paved with good intentions Samantha dies under the rubble during the mission and Margaret becomes the indirect culprit of this sad event, as in the case of the base in the Deep Sea Reef.

Then Maida gets acquainted with Robin, sister of Samantha. The mercenary tries to drive away the intruder, but she categorically refuses to leave the planet. Robin sails to Margaret Station hoping to learn more about her sister’s fate and eventually gets answers, but not for free. Maida asks for a little favor – disable the signal tower of Alterra, which functions properly, carrying out constant scanning of the terrain.

Subnautica.  Alterra beacon tower

After completing the quest, Robin receives much more information, Margaret shares her impressions of Samantha with her and even allows the stranger to use the greenhouse.

So why is Maida worthy of respect? Perhaps because she always acts according to her conscience, adhering to her own principles. Margaret is not capable of hypocrisy and playing undercover games – she is a direct and honest person. As you can see, Maida is also a tragic character, everything she touches is doomed to perish. The mercenary did not manage to build a career, did not save the Torgals and Samantha, the people who became close to her. Margaret had only to live out a century in “sector zero” with her snow stalker.

Why doesn’t Maida return to the “mainland”, because now she has many opportunities for this? Simply Margaret is too good for society, which is unworthy of her.

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