• September 28, 2023

Subnautica: mod on the map

One of the best modification for explorers of the underwater world. This add-on allows you to make your adventure faster and more comfortable with the ability to scout all areas, place a marker and other useful functions.

Subnautica: mod on the map

This mod is one of the most popular in Subnautica. It makes the gameplay more enjoyable and simpler as it allows see previously uncharted territories with all their features.

Of course, the game may lose some charm and mystery. However, people who are accustomed to using maps simply cannot do without this mod. Especially it will be liked by those who find it difficult to navigate the boundless spaces of the game.


Subnautica: mod to map features

Mod adds a detailed map to the “Signal Management” tab on your PDA, which saves you a lot of time. It displays the exact position of the player, the direction of his movement and coordinates. Also, different types and levels of cards become available:

  • Biome map;
  • Caves map;
  • Jellyfish Mushroom Map;
  • Inactive lava zone map;
  • Lava core map and more.

In addition, after installing this add-on, it becomes possible to independently mark any placesthat are of particular value to you.

The mod can be used both when controlling with classic controllers and when using a gamepad from the Xbox 360. Usually bugs and crashes are not observed, the addon is well optimized.


Subnautica: mod on the map how to install

First you need download and install the free utility QModManager… It is needed for further mod management. The installer must determine the game folder itself, but sometimes you may need to specify the path to it yourself. For Steam, this is usually: ProgramFiles / Steam / steamapps / common / Subnautica /.

After installing the utility, the QMods folder will appear in the game folder. It is in it that all add-ons for the Subnautica game will be stored.

Download the archive with the mod and unpack its contents into this folder… Among other things, a .json file should appear there. You don’t need to install anything else. Just go into the game and a new “Mods” tab will appear in the settings menu. By clicking on it, you will see the basic settings and, if necessary, you can change them.

If you get tired of the mod, you can remove it in a couple of minutes. Just erase the contents of the folder with this add-on.

Download mod on the map for Subnautica

Download QModManager


DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail

Load the mod on the map Source map


DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail

How to use the mod

Subnautica: mod on the map how to use

To open the map, you need press the M button while the English keyboard layout is on. By default, a topographic map will appear in front of you, but in the upper left corner you can change its type. To set the marks, hold down N and point to the required place.

Initially, the entire territory of the underwater world is hidden by fog. To fully open it, you need to constantly explore new places and move on. As you explore, icons will appear on the map representing various objects.

If you want to see the whole area at once, just go to the mod’s settings and turn off the fog. Set next to the word “Fog” to “Off” or “Off”.

With the left mouse button you can deactivate the object. This can be useful if you are not interested in it or if it has already been researched. This action simplifies further navigation. With the right mouse button, you can change the color of the label.

Also the map displays the entire available scan area. By holding down the mouse wheel, you can set an action to search for the necessary materials from the list without visiting the scanning room itself.

Thus, this mod will allow you not to get lost in the huge underwater world. In addition, it will help you find the necessary resources and objects faster, as well as save time and effort.

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