• May 26, 2022

Super accurate and invisible tank destroyers with Equipment 2.0 and nerf assault

Builds that will finally break random and guarantee unpunished bend.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today the next step is acquaintance with new assemblies of equipment 2.0 for the tank destroyer class. The first days of the test raised many questions about the need for one equipment and the excessive efficiency of the other. In the meantime, we got a few imbe cars in random.

ARTICLE IS DEPRECATED, was written before the release of new equipment. Read below the ACTUAL GUIDE

As you probably already know, each car has received profile slots that enhance the effect of the corresponding modules:

  • intelligence service
  • firepower
  • vitality
  • mobility

The main feature for this class is two modules:

  • camouflage net;
  • experimental gunpowder;

Let’s start with the premium tank destroyer, which many veterans of the game have – the E 25. It used to bend pretty well due to immobile stealth, and now it can even break apart in random, if it’s lucky with an open map. Even without profile slots for reconnaissance, it can cool disguise. Tanks of the 7th level and even some of the 8th need to get close to almost X-ray distance in order to detect it:

In this case, you can remove the rammer, and put a stereo tube to keep at maximum distance. At the top of the list, it will now be even more toxic, especially for players downloading a new branch with an untrained crew.

Deserve even more attention Swedish tank destroyers from 8 to 10 levels. After all when switching to siege mode, they retain the effect of the cloaking net… it ideal for performing LBZ to deal damage without being detected. Most likely, you will have to sacrifice the rammer, since it is a dubious undertaking to remain without an overview.

With the maximum configuration, they can safely shoot in the bushes from 200 meters and not be afraid to be detected.


There is also an interesting situation with tank destroyers that have poor accuracy, and in particular with the British “babakha” FV 4005 II Stage. With a new module “Improved sights” firepower in the slot.

You can reduce the circle of spread by 9%, thus increasing the accuracy from 0.4 to 0.37, and with full “minced meat” the final accuracy will become generally 0.33.

And now fly in the ointment – some of the tank destroyers have become less playable without the ability to install coated optics. It was she who was chosen for assault PTS and for some prema:

  • WZ-120-1G FT was very good at farming playing at medium-close range due to the transfer of intelligence and shot damage to its light;
  • TS-5 accuracy does not allow you to sit out in the bushes, especially the lower mobility, but there is armor;
  • some on the SU-130 PM also played with optics, so now they are outraged.

On the other hand, this decision is partly logical, since the tank destroyer should not have an overview at the CT or TT level. But in other way this is partly a nerf (including purchased!) techniques. What are your impressions of the new equipment?

I recommend reading a similar analysis of the best assemblies on LT.

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