• March 4, 2024

“Supplies from the rear” – a gift set for players in WoT

For the first time, you can get a new premier tank with a “blade” Räumpanzer and three others, as well as many other useful buns for playing and pumping.

Hello tankers! The promotion has been going on for a year and a half “Live” from Twitch Prime and Wargaming, represented by World of Tanks, agreed to extend it for the summer, and it returned in a new format. The first summer gift package is “June”. If earlier the set was the same for everyone, now, in addition to common gifts, you can still choose 2 out of 6:

Rear shipments in June

Prem tanks for rent

Usually there were only two tanks and very rarely, when they were level 8 at once (basically one was 8, and the second was 6). But this time there are three premas of the maximum level at once.

The M48A2 Räumpanzer is a German medium tank with a dump (although popularly nicknamed it a bucket), an atypical representative of its class, as in terms of gameplay it is closer to the heavy. This is facilitated by good frontal armor of the hull and turret, while the blade acts as a screen, which gives additional protection to the NLD.

In principle, he can even tank the Defender, WZ-111 and Lowe, provided that they do not charge gold or target the commander’s cupola. The stabilization of the weapon is not bad, but the accuracy forces you to play exclusively at close range. But the gun comes down very quickly + comfortable UVN. The crew is the same as the Leopard 1.

Chrysler-K TT USA with a rear turret. Excellent tanking with a rhombus and has a strong tower. The gun has good accuracy, fast aiming, but low armor penetration. In principle, good dynamics are somewhat pleasing, so the gameplay will not be boring. Take only if you need to pump the crew. At the same time, you can check, if you did not manage to pick it up on the Black Market, whether it was worth your money.

The T-54 is the first prototype of a good medium tank, which feels comfortable on the front lines due to its armor with rational angles of inclination of the armor plates, therefore it often catches ricochets.

As an alternative to the Soviet ST, you can take T-34-85M, which at level 6 is one of the best tanks. But its profitability is lower.

The general advantage of these tanks is that they are well suited for upgrading the crew of the researched tops. This is an important factor considering that Crew 2.0 will be tested soon. To unlock the best abilities, it is desirable to have 5 perks now.

Also, everyone is given a King Tiger (captured) for rent with an increased Battle Pass point limit.

Other gifts

Here, according to the classics, there is a medal, special inscriptions with the names of the premium 3D-styles of the second season of the battle pass, a unique decal, 15 improved consumables, a day of prema and 10 combat missions for x5 experience.

Players love these packs for the XP at x5, since with them you can quickly upgrade vehicles. They are rarely sold by VG and it is not cheap to buy separately:Combat missions for x5 experience

How to get the June pack

There are three ways:

  • official – Subscribe on the Amazon website ($ 6 per month);
  • semi-formal – issue a trial period for a week on the same website, then immediately untie the card. But from this month they still require a phone number + sometimes there are problems with binding cards from the CIS region.
  • simplest – buy a Twitch account from trusted sellers with an already activated Prime subscription, without manipulating cards.

A detailed guide for getting the Twitch Prime June package

All methods are described in detail in our full review of the set, choose any convenient for you and do not miss such a freebie. The price of all the content comes out several times cheaper than if you buy it all separately.

How to pick up “supplies from the rear” in World of Tanks

A step-by-step example of how to get all gifts:

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