• May 22, 2024

Swedish heavyweights after up – is it worth downloading?

A bend line with an impenetrable turret and a drum, one of the best hitting ropes.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and due to the fact that the Kravagn branch is taking part in the April action “Into Battle”, we have prepared a short overview of whether it is worth pumping Swedish heavy tanks.

Initially, this branch turned out to be rather dull after entering it on the base, so in patch 1.5 it was decided to upnut it.

The path to the heavy tanks lies through medium tanks, so at level 8 you will have to either retrain the crew (and changing the class for silver costs a significant loss of experience), or even download a new one if you want to continue the ST branch. This is the first drawback of the branch, which is corrected by gold and training materials (it is unprofitable to pour freedom into the crew without a corresponding promotion).

So, you’ve got your first TT – Emil I. The first acquaintance will be unpleasant, because in stock this car is too weak even for a fight with “eights”, not to mention the fights at the bottom of the list. In this case, before moving on to the top gun, you will have to open the chassis.

In the top-end configuration, the Emil I is played comfortably. Good mobility, the tower is able to tank classmates, comfortable UVN, acceptable armor penetration, but lack of comfort in firing.

At level 9 Emil iI will please you more, because at least it will be possible to go straight to the opening of the top gun, since its mass is less than that of the stock one.

Among the key changes compared to the G8 are:

  • increased one-time damage and armor penetration;
  • the turret can now sometimes tank tier 10, but the frontal hull has become less armored;
  • the gun lift angle has worsened significantly from 15 ° to 8 °.

Now we go to the top of the branch – Kravagn… There are no fundamental differences from the previous car, but all parameters have become a little better.

Remarkable and a little sad – one-time damage and breakdown remained exactly the same as in Emil iI, with the only difference that now it will be necessary to fight against the “ten” more often, and few people will be able to impress with 300 mm of armor penetration with gold cumulative. The rest of the gun has become more comfortable to use:

  • elevation angle increased to 10 °;
  • accelerated the general reloading and between shots;
  • improved accuracy and aiming time.

The turret is now virtually impenetrable, and the powerful new engine delivers a high power-to-weight ratio so the mobility is excellent for the heavy.

Summing up Let’s highlight the general disadvantages and advantages of this branch:

Benefits disadvantages
strong tower; overworked commander (combines 3 roles);
gun depression angle; long drum realization;
good dynamics; weak armor of the hull;

The Swedish heavyweights are played off the ground to make the most of their strengths. Have Kranvagn armor penetration is not enough for confronting heavy weights, but good speed sometimes allows you to work together with medium tanks in order to enter the enemy from the flank.

The pumping process requires an investment of gold or free experience, because without this it will be difficult to convince yourself to transfer to the top-end Emil I. But further pumping will be easier.

In the hands of an experienced tanker, the branch has proven itself well in the random. Among the heavily pumped, the Swedes are always in the TOP 5 in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories from the moment of up. Also Kravagn demonstrates good results in Ranked Battles when playing the role of heavy attack aircraft, but is gold-dependent.

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