• February 21, 2024

Swedish medium tanks – is it worth downloading?

The best camouflage among classmates and cheating UVN due to air suspension, combine aggressive support style and ambush sniper.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and due to the fact that this month under the action “Into battle!” We got Swedish STs, we decided to review this branch to help players decide how relevant they are and whether they need to download now.

Let’s start with the features of vehicle research and briefly go over the main tanks. Levels 1-5 are often held for free or for stocks (by the way, from May 8 to May 12 there will be x5 for the first victory).

At level 6 Strv 74 has a very good weapon for its level:

  • armor penetration 148 mm;
  • final accuracy 0.32;
  • aiming time 1.73 sec.

At the same time, he has excellent UVR and generally excellent gun stabilization. The only drawback is poor booking and mediocre dynamics.

We focused on the weapons for a reason, because at level 7, Leo the pretop cannon is exactly the same, but with a slightly higher rate of fire. It is this tank that causes many difficulties in passing, and the players are faced with a choice of which weapon to put: 75mm with excellent stabilization or 100 mm with larger alpha, but long mixing and disgusting precision… Comparison of implements:

In due time I checked both guns and finished everything Leo on 100 mm, playing with half of the gold ammunition.

If the previous two vehicles were not much different from the other STshek, then a year ago in patch 1.5, three top tanks were added to the game:

And here the fun begins, because their gameplay is different from most of their classmates.

Personally, I liked the 8th level of UDES 14 Alt 5 the most:

  • both types of shells are sub-caliber shells with a very high flight speed (the top has cumulative);
  • one of the highest one-time damage among ST 8;
  • the view of 390 meters is good for level 8, but small for level 10, and in fact it will remain the same at the top of the branch.

In addition, among his classmates, he already stands out for one of the largest single damage, excellent UVN due to the suspension and a high stealth coefficient.

UDES 16 is an unimportant car. Compared to its predecessor, it received a slight increase in firepower and rational angles of inclination of the turret armor appeared, sometimes there are ricochets. But mobility and stealth worsened. In general, nothing more than a passage tank.

The top branch of UDES 15/16 came out ambiguous, with pronounced advantages and disadvantages. It has a ricochet shape of the tower and hull, but only in the frontal projection, when set with a rhombus, it is easy to punch. In the same time there are tanks in frontso great chance of fire when NLD breaks through

In terms of firepower, it can boast of the maximum alpha among the ST 10 and, with the suspension activated, the best UVN -13 … + 25 °. It also has better stealth and good dynamics. Due to the small view and low speed of the projectiles, play sniper will not always be effective, more often you will have to take on support tank role at medium distance.


The top medium tanks in Sweden, although they do not differ in maximum speed, but due to their low mass and powerful engines have a high power density, so they quickly accelerate… Therefore, at the beginning of the battle, they can take advantageous positions (bushes) in order to make the most of the low silhouette, camouflage and UVV

The hydropneumatic suspension, unlike the Swedish tank destroyers, is activated automatically when the speed decreases, so no additional buttons need to be pressed.

The branch is interesting, captivating with its unusual gameplay. We recommend pumping out at least level 8 during the promotions. If you doubt whether this style will suit you, then wait until the test server opens in May and try to roll out the top ten there.

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