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test of tactical and interface innovations

Fresh changes in the self-propelled gun loading system. New: types and features of the use of shells.

ACS World of Tanks

Greetings tankers! With you Wotpack and in this thread, we propose to get to know more about the rebalancing of the ACS in 2021. On a stream with popular bloggers and developers, potential changes that are now rolling out to Sandbox 2021 were discussed only in general terms at the level of ideas, criticism and suggestions. We present to you real innovations that have been put on the test and will be actively tested by the players.

Artolamp in WoT: how will the SPG shot alert work?

Some of the innovations were focused on eliminating the immobility of art while increasing its practical use for the team. This review is devoted directly to the processing of types of artillery shells, the scheme of their use and interface features.

Three types of shells in the arsenal of self-propelled guns

Three shells at the artillery

In 2020, the idea of ​​expanding the number of shells has already been tested. In addition to basic land mines, special (with increased damage) and armor-piercing charges were presented.

Types of artillery shells in the Sandbox-2020

The players were not satisfied with this approach for the following reasons:

  • the preserved incredibly long cooldown when changing the projectile;
  • unreasonably high cost of new types of shells;
  • the absence of real changes regarding the technology opposing the artillerymen.

However, the concept itself was assessed positively, therefore, its refinement continued.

Now the choice is between two types of shells – basic and special. The second has only slightly increased fragmentation at a much higher cost. As part of Sandbox-2021, not only the characteristics of landmines will be redesigned, but a third type will also appear. Let’s consider them in more detail using the example of a Soviet Tier 10 SPG. About. 261

New types of artillery shells

1. Basic (high-explosive fragmentation with stun)

This is the easiest type to use, dealing reduced damage (-10% of the current), but with enough splash to cover and stun multiple targets. Penetration will remain at the same level, but if the armor holds back the shot, no critical damage will be inflicted on modules or crew.

Basic land mine SPG

Among other types of projectiles, this will have the lowest flight speed, but an improved hinged trajectory. Artillerymen will be able to cover targets behind terrain hills and other obstacles with such landmines.

2. Alternative (high-explosive fragmentation without stunning)

The best option for dealing with light and medium armored vehicles. The splash for alternative projectiles will be reduced by 2 times, and the radius of damage by 4 times. Penetration is 50% higher than the current value, and damage done is 10% higher. This type of land mines will continue to hit the internal modules and crew, but will not be able to stun the target. It is not characterized by such a comfortable trajectory as its predecessor, but the flight speed is increased.

Alternative land mine SPG

Further in the comparative table, the indicators of penetration of basic and alternative landmines on some types of self-propelled guns, which will be available within the Sandbox-2021, are presented.SPG shell damage

3. Tactical (armor-piercing)

Option for selective use. It will be effective against slow and heavily armored vehicles that are not seriously damaged by land mines. With the complete absence of splash and stun, it will hit the target from a much shorter distance, inflicting more damage than landmines with non-penetration. Armor-piercing shells are characterized by a penetration rate that is 4-6 times higher than the value for land mines. They have the highest flight speed and unstable trajectory due to their small angle to the ground.

SPG armor-piercing projectile

In the case of Ob. 261, this shell is armor-piercing, but it can also be cumulative for other self-propelled guns.

It is expected that tactical charges will be used only 10-15% of the time. A relatively fast system of switching between shells will allow them to be effectively used, adapting to the situation on the battlefield.

Separately, we draw your attention to the graph of the dependence of the speed and flight time of each of the projectiles.

Comparison of the trajectory and flight speed of projectiles

The cost for all three types will be equalized in order to maintain an optimal balance of costs. This will allow you to take each of the shells into battle, as well as use them without thinking about possible financial losses.

The cost of new types of shells

Artillerymen will no longer be able to live with one type of shells in the arsenal. A system with three types requires obligatory competent combination of them in an actual combat situation.

Interface improvements: displaying and switching between projectiles

Interface changes

The changes in the shells brought about obvious innovations in the interface. Aiming mode will now clearly display the currently loaded projectile. A special indicator will show whether a particular type, on its trajectory, will be able to hit the point in focus.

New aiming indicators

The developers also got to the aiming mode. Now a quick transition to the “from trajectory” view will be carried out using the mouse wheel. But the hotkey function responsible for this switching will not be removed.

The developers don’t stop there. They continue to bring popular mod products to the official game client. This now affects the display of projectile flight times, making warning shots much easier for knowledgeable gunners.

Projectile flight time counter

All these innovations can be tested, configured and / or disabled through the game client configuration menu.

Quick change of shells

Fast change of projectile type

It remains to figure out how exactly the system for changing shells will be implemented. With new tactical opportunities, you need to somehow resist the long cooldown. As part of the test on the Sandbox-2021, the Intuition perk will be responsible for this. It is adapted for game changes, focusing on the main parameter – an increase in the recharge rate when changing the type of charge. With the maximum pumping of the crew, the use of additional soldering and the installation of equipment, a mark exceeding 83% can be achieved.

Leveling perk Intuition in the Sandbox-2021

This innovation will work on all vehicles in the game, not just on SPGs.

We hope that these changes will really make the game of artillery and its opponents comfortable. You can familiarize yourself with the rest of the innovations that can be seen at the Sandbox-2021 in other reviews published on our website.

If you want to personally check all the changes, then here is an instruction on how to download and install the Sandbox test server.

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