The 3 best tier 8 medium tanks in WoT

The most interesting in terms of performance characteristics and class gameplay.

Hello tankers! Wotpack is with you and today we bring to your attention the TOP 3 pumped medium tanks of level 8 in World of Tanks.

Let’s start with the newest in our game – the Swedish CT UDES 14 Alt 5. The branch appeared in the spring of 2019, just before its introduction, players were offered to complete tasks to obtain the crew of Sweden.

The technique itself is not historical, the work did not advance beyond the sketches, but as it happens in our game, it turned out to be unusual, interesting and rather imbue. Udes 14 5 topped the rating in terms of win percentage in 2019 and entered the TOP 3 in terms of average damage per battle.

The Swedish ST offers gameplay that is unusual for its class, more similar to a tank destroyer. This is helped by a good stealth ratio and a very low silhouette, which allows him to make the most of even the smallest bushes for increased camouflage.

You can read about how to properly use cloaking in WOT here.

The firepower is distinguished by a large one-time damage of 390 units, while the aiming and accuracy are quite good 0.36 per 100 meters and 2.01 sec. The armor penetration is also enough to confidently hit single-tier vehicles. The basic and special projectiles are sub-caliber, therefore, they have a high flight speed, so the UDES 14 5 can confidently hit targets by proactively shooting. The only drawback of the gun is the long reload time, which was the price for the large alpha.

And the main link between the camouflage and the gun is the hydropneumatic suspension, which gives the vehicle excellent elevation angles of -12 … + 26 °. So the Swedish ST can fire from the most unexpected positions for the enemy.

Regarding just the occupation of positions, then with mobility everything is in perfect order. The high power-to-weight ratio of 25 hp / t allows for fast acceleration, but the top speed and maneuverability are mediocre. He has practically no armor, so he can only rely on stealth.

The next tank in our rating is the Soviet T-44. It is included in the top of the most popular Tier 8 tanks because the path to the opening of three “tens” lies through it.

The tank is quite versatile in use, besides, for those who like unusual sensations, instead of the standard 100 mm gun, you can install 122 guns with a large alpha of 390 units.

Firepower is not the best feature of the T-44 due to the lack of armor penetration, but otherwise the gun cannot be found fault with:

  • accuracy 0.34;
  • mixing 2.01;
  • high rate of fire (8.34);
  • big DPM 2086.

Firstly, good vertical guidance angles and high turret traverse speed allow it to effectively fight at close range in dynamic battles. In addition, he has good maneuverability, so spinning a heavy tank is not a problem for him at all.

Secondly, he has ricochet armor for his tier, especially the tower, which increases his chances of winning a duel with another CT.

It is not necessary to always be in the heat of battle, the T-44 can feel quite comfortable at a medium distance. By the way, in terms of stealth, it is only slightly inferior to UDES 14 5. Excellent dynamics allows you to take an active part in battles throughout the map, whether it is a breakthrough along the flank, capture of someone else’s or defense of your own base.

The statistics of the T-44 is weak, but the reason for this is the great popularity of Soviet STs, so many newcomers follow this particular branch, which affects the overall results (% of wins and average damage per battle).

It was for its outstanding performance characteristics that this particular tank received three premium versions (for example, the T-44-100 (R)), which are leased to users of the “Game” tariff

And completing our top 3 technics with unique mechanics, the only STS of its kind are Italian. It is on the P.44 Pantera that for the first time, the mechanics of reloading the projectile is available for review, which allows you to play like a regular tank with a cyclic reloading, and if necessary, you can immediately discharge the entire magazine.

Armor penetration of 212 mm and an alpha strike of 240 units have an average value for this vehicle class at level 8. The vertical guidance angles are not bad, but sometimes there will be a lack of turret traverse speed. The aiming time is exactly the same as the two previous tanks 2.01, and the accuracy is already better than 0.32. The DPM of the P.44 Pantera is not the largest, but it all depends on how to use the magazine reloading.

In terms of survivability, the tank is experiencing problems due to its large size and at the same time a weakly armored hull, which can be easily penetrated. Therefore, the vehicle requires careful play in order to realize its firing potential. Despite the large mass, the tank has excellent dynamics (besides, using its weight, it retains an advantage when ramming). and good maneuverability. The P.44 Pantera is among the top 15 damage leaders among Tier 8 vehicles.

What are your favorite STShki?


The best branches of medium tanks in WoT

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