• September 30, 2023

The benefits of computer games – the impact on a person (with examples)

More recently, the topic of the influence of computer games on the life of adolescents was vigorously discussed in conversational programs on TV and was covered in detail in articles by every second Internet media. After all, everyone knows that video games are an overt source. violence and permanent rigidity, which are so easily absorbed by the immature minds of the young generation and are the real cause of all their troubles… But is it.

Video game characters

We have studied many game universes and have come to the conclusion that some of them are indeed able to influence per person and to change his. But exclusively in better side

Strategy, Sandboxes and MMOs, or How Practical Skills Hone

Some game projects are able not only to influence the inner world of a person, but also improve his professional skills

Creative thinking

Many foreign educational institutions have already adopted a methodology for developing the creative abilities of pupils and students, using the potential of sandbox games. Maybe one day the world will change beyond recognition only because the imagination and capabilities of the architects of the future will be limited exclusively by the functionality of the improved version Minecraft

City in Minecraft

Information processing and reaction speed

These skills are perfectly trained in various tactical multiplayer projects. For example, fans of military simulators with a focus on realism should pay attention to War thunder… A wide variety of combat units participating in a dynamic battle on one map teaches the player analyze the situation and make fateful decisions in a matter of seconds. And after organizing communication with the allies, the tankers get a real carte blanche for implementation. tactical delights: cunning ambushes, lightning-fast counterattacks and strikes in the rear will be an unpleasant surprise for the enemy.

War Thunder - Tank and aircraft

For gamers who prefer a more arcade and wait-and-see style of play, the World of tanks… Knowledge of the map, the capabilities of the enemy at these levels and his weaknesses allow you to feel confident in battle. If you have always been attracted by the endless expanses of the oceans, World of Warships will allow you to feel yourself in the shoes real sea wolf… Clashes in open water areas and the peculiarities of controlling multi-ton inertial ships require a completely different preparation, but they bring no less pleasure

World of Warships - two ships

PS And on virtual ships you are not afraid of seasickness 🙂

Interesting fact: World of Tanks is a four-time winner of the annual Golden Joystick Awards (Best MMO, Best Online Game, and twice Best Game Still Played). In addition, the game has set two world records according to the Guinness Book of Records for simultaneous online servers.

Concentration and stress resistance

Fans of online shooters know firsthand what an advantage over the enemy gives the presence of these skills. If you don’t give in decadent sentiments or provocations on the part of their own allies and adhere to a predetermined tactics in games like CS: GO or Warface, success won’t be long in coming. And coupled with good equipment victory will be guaranteed.

Warface - soldier

Each of the above qualities and skills will be a good help on the path of life. The main thing – know the limits and do not forget about the existence the real world… Otherwise, there will be nowhere to apply the acquired knowledge.

Plot games, or how personality develops

Each computer game, in one way or another, is a reflection of the ideas and experiences that excite its developers. In particular, this applies to projects that focus on plot and narration… While some games in the person of the main and secondary characters explore narrowly focused psychology issues and try to give original answers to them, others touch on universal problems… Here are some of these examples.

Kindness and love

Two qualities that people on this planet are so clearly lacking, but at the same time they can be found in virtual reality. Indirectly good is everywhere: in the relationship between the characters, in their thoughts and motivation, as well as in the main goal for the game. However, the real concentrate of kindness is to be found in projects for a younger age group. Game interpretations of children’s cartoons, for example Madagascar” or Kung Fu Panda”, will fit perfectly for this role.

Madagascar game

Kung fu panda game

PS None of the enemies that were neutralized by the penguins or knocked out by Po actually got hurt 🙂

The manifestation of true love in computer games is usually hidden in cult RPGs. Watching Commander Shepard’s relationship with Ashley (Liara, Tali 😁) or the adventures of the stern Geralt from Rivia, you can not only shed a tear of affection, but also learn a couple of pick-up tricks.

Mass Effect - Shepard and Ashley

The Witcher 3 - Geralt and Yennefer

Sociability and friendship

The importance of these qualities is well reflected in the quests from Telltale Games, interactive films from Quantic Dream and many visual novels, in which something really depends on the line of behavior and choices of the protagonist. The walking dead clearly shows that the skill reach an understanding with other people and desire come to their aid in a difficult life situation will help to avoid unnecessary tragedies.

The walking dead

Interesting fact: practice shows that a huge number of gamers load the save after an unsuccessful or rude remark addressed to a secondary character, so as not to offend him.

Justice and honor

Whoever says anything, but true human qualities are manifested exclusively in conditions of serious danger. Sometimes galactic level. As it turns out, Captain Shepard from the original trilogy Mass effect knows how not only to tenderly love, but also is the personification of valor, justice and honor… Being a living legend, he proved by his own example that these words are not empty phrases at all.

Mass Effect - John Shepard

Interesting fact: from recently published data, it became known that 92% of gamers played an extremely positive Shepard.

The main character came to similar conclusions. Red dead redemption 2… It took Arthur Morgan much longer to realize the whole essence of good and bad deeds, to embark on the path of correction and do the main choice in your life

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Arthur Morgan

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, allowing you to understand why actually teach and call for video games.

Write in the comments how computer games have influenced your life in general and whether they have taught you something specific in particular. It will be interesting for us to read 😊

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