• December 5, 2023

The best and worst assassin cards in Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, the assassin is always the strongest figure, with weapons, damage resistance, and deadly abilities. But while the assassin is the main threat in the match, its effectiveness can vary depending on the environment. In some locations, they can dominate without much difficulty, while in others, pursuing survivors will be an extremely difficult task.

Since the game has a large number of assassins with a wide variety of abilities, it is difficult to single out the best and worst cards. Nevertheless, taking into account the feedback from the Dead by Daylight gaming community, we tried to compile an objective list of the most convenient and inconvenient locations from the killer’s point of view.

Best Assassin Cards:

Lampkin lane

Lampkin Lane is a map of Michael Myers located in his small hometown. You can enter many buildings, but none of them offer any good escape routes for survivors, and one building is a deadly trap with a generator stuck in the corner. Moving along the street, the survivor will soon be caught by the killer, and the underground sections are not wide enough to successfully flee, being taken by surprise. In short, Lampkin Lane is one trap after another for survivors, but a coveted playground for the killer.

Lary Memorial Institute

The quarters can be quite challenging locations for survivors, and the Leri Memorial Institute is no exception. The map is designed like a maze. While they can potentially use many corners and turns in every room, there are not many places to safely hide. Apart from the basement and a small area in the middle of the upper floor, the map is quite open. Limited space and few escape routes make this location one of the best for assassins.

Midwich Elementary School

Inspired by Silent Hill, this map is one of the most lopsided locations in Dead by Daylight. Her device plays in the direction of the killer in many ways. It is compact, with few interactive obstacles and long corridors that give assassins a better chance of catching up with a survivor. When chasing a survivor, they don’t have many options to hide in unnoticed, and the grappling hook is almost always there.

Mount Ormond Resort

The only map in the game with snow, against the background of which it is more difficult for the survivors to hide, and the killer is easier to find them. In addition to giving the assassin a visibility, the ski base building in the center of the map is a tricky area that can be difficult to get out of quickly if an assassin is chasing you. Several extended areas in a room are particularly dangerous.

A game

The map is tied to the Saw horror movie franchise. There are not many obstacles to drop on the assassin, and the top of the map is too exposed, so the survivors have almost nowhere to hide. This will lead to the fact that many will move around in the basement, which will play into the hands of the killer even more, since there are most of the hooks there.

Worst Assassin Cards:

Bloody Shack

Where there are no buildings on the map in which survivors could hide, there are walls blocking the assassin’s view. Trash is scattered all over the place, and survivors can easily hide in it, and in this trash there are a lot of obstacles that they can throw at you. The entire area is poorly suited for an assassin and is essentially a playground for survivors.

Ruined Barn

The Ruined Stable is a map with many obstacles in the assassin’s path. Firstly, there is a cornfield that occupies a significant part of the location, where it is convenient for survivors to hide. There is also a forested area that gives survivors a variety of ways to shake the assassin off the trail during the chase. The cowshed, from which the map gets its name, has several windows where survivors can escape and lockers where they can hide. Wherever you go, virtually everywhere on this map there are viable escape options for the survivor.

Gas Haven

This is one of the least favorite maps for Dead by Daylight assassin fans. The gas station has a generator that, when turned on, opens a large door. If the killer enters there before turning on the generator, the survivor can easily get out through several windows, or use the obstacle to stun. When the door behind the survivor is closed, the assassin’s pursuit essentially ends. Outside the gas station, there are many structures that can effectively hide survivors and many interactive obstacles.

Pale rose

The Rotten Swamp levels are not well liked by assassin players. The map got its name from an old steamer stuck in the mud. This ship has a lot of obstacles, ladders and windows that allow the survivor to escape, and therefore, the location can be a real headache for the killer. Outside the ship, the map is one of the largest in the game and gives survivors a lot of chances to hide in foliage and obstacles, while the fog makes them difficult to find. The Pale Rose also has one of the most awkward hook arrangements in the assassin’s game.

Rotten Fields

The rotten fields are a large cornfield with almost nothing left. However, corn is the biggest problem for many players who find it difficult to see through many stalks, giving the survivors a huge advantage. Apart from the corn, there is not much that stands out on this map besides the tree with the dead pigs hanging down. This is a rather inexpressive and boring card that is not particularly popular with players, regardless of whether they are playing as an assassin or a survivor.

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