• December 1, 2023

The best branch of tanks for pumping in June

The most relevant and interesting in terms of gameplay and performance characteristics. Choosing the best branch to roll out this month.

Greetings, tankers! The first month of summer greets us with a new action “Fight!” Last year it was canceled for the summer months, so we were left without discounts and combat missions. So this is definitely good news and we will have something to do in the coming months.

As usual, we chose one branch by voting of the players:

And the developers gave us two branches:

This month, the selection of promotional medium tanks was made for a reason, but with a reference to the awards for the Second Season of the Battle Pass. It was the tops of the American and Czechoslovak STs that received new 3D-styles and unique crew members. These two tanks will receive a bonus when earning Battle Pass Points

All three branches have been in the game for a long time, so those who wanted to have been downloaded for a long time, but let’s try to understand the relevance of these tops in the current randomness.

French heavy tanks

The Drum Tires, led by the AMX 50 B, confidently hold the leading position in terms of average damage per battle and percentage of victories. Kravagn could not move it, and the T57 Heavy Tank is lost now and is lagging in the middle of the TT 10 rating. Due to the long reload time, the AMX 50 B has a small damage per minute, but it can be realized better due to more comfortable accuracy, aiming time and good gun stabilization …

It has very weak hull and turret armor, but against tiers 8 and 9, VLD still tanks due to the angles of the armor. Therefore, you have to rely on mobility, look for options to drive the enemy into the stern and discharge the drum for 4 shells.

AMX 50 B is picky about the player’s skill, does not forgive mistakes. This is first of all support tank, so will not be able to fully fulfill the role of a heavyweight.

I would not recommend downloading it now, because the developers have already hinted that this year it is worth waiting for Italian heavy tanks with a drum recharging mechanism. And we all know how effectively Progetto 65 burst into random, making drum CTs less relevant. Therefore, it is better to wait for a new branch.

American medium tanks

Despite the fact that they one of the first branches in the game, now they are not popular, if we talk about the battles played this year. And they do not pump it very actively, because by today’s standards, it is unattractive:

  • mediocre mobility;
  • large dimensions;
  • weak booking;
  • frequent criticality of modules.

At the same time, almost all tanks up to level 10 suffer from a lack of armor penetration, therefore, very gold-dependent, especially the “eight” and “nine”, many players are repelled by this very moment.

This the branch should be tolerated only for the sake of the top M48A5 Patton:

  • comfortable UVN + strong tower allow you to play confidently from the terrain. But here, too, not everything is so smooth, it is necessary to remember about the noticeable size of the combo, which is not difficult to heal, so it is impossible to stagnate on the spot.
  • finally good dynamics and agility;
  • armor penetration is now enough for playing even with basic shells + good accuracy;
  • the only feature of this branch is one of the best reviews in the game.

In general, the technique does not have any interesting zest that could directly hook. The gameplay is standard: play from the tower, shoot the damage and try not to get an enemy shell into the commander’s hatch.

Download only if you have a premium account and are ready to shoot gold, otherwise pumping will seem long and painful. This branch is more suitable for leisurely and calm players. Current owners M48A5 Patton show good results in randomness, so the whole difficulty is only in getting it.

Czechoslovak medium tanks

If last year you passed the Czech Holidays event, now is the time to pay attention to this thread. She is also not perfect, but she has her own unique feature – mega fast drum

TVP T 50/51 has at its disposal a gun with a magazine for 4 shells, which can be discharged in 4.5 seconds with a potential damage of about 1280 units. In such a short period of time, it is possible to halve most of the Tier 9 tanks and significantly damage dozens.

Accuracy and aiming time are not bad, but depressing low armor penetration with basic and gold shells… Therefore, you will often have to look for options to drive the enemy into the rear or stern to fully sell the store. This is facilitated by good mobility, but care must be taken, since the Czechoslovakian STs are full of cardboard in terms of armor.

This branch is twice as popular as American STs, so it is most likely to win the Battle Pass style duel.

Poll: Branch Selection in June

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