• May 26, 2022

The best builds with the new Equipment 2.0 for Soviet medium tanks

The most useful assemblies that will help you play effectively in random after the introduction of 18 new modules.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and finally it was our turn for medium tanks with new equipment 2.0. Considering that there are 6 Soviet STs in the game, of which 4 are pumpable, I decided to consider them separately, given the average high popularity in the random (59,761,469 fights were played on them in the last month alone).

Current guide:

One of the most interesting and useful modules for increasing the survivability of Soviet STs – Filling CO 2 tanks… This module has been reworked from its current form.

Now he gives great protection to tanks and prevents fire once, What allow:

  • do not teach the crew the Firefighting skill, as there are many more useful ones in the beginning;
  • remove the instruction for “The Art of Shooting Down the Flame” (saving 20,000 silver);
  • feel free to replace the automatic fire extinguisher with a doppack (+ 10% to crew skills).

Thus, depriving the tank of a significant drawback inherent in Soviet technology, you can increase the life time in battle and, accordingly, shoot more damage and benefit the team.

Profile slot for survivability received only T22-CP, Vol. 430U and Ob. 907, but this module can be easily installed in other / neutral slots, so the overall effect is quite enough (100% to durability), and preventing fire 1 time works in any case.

Another nuance is that the tanks listed above are deprived of the ability to increase firepower through the profile slot.

All Soviet STs have a small mass and, at the same time, have a good power density, so they can do without Turbocharger

If Ob. With 907 standard firepower high enough, one of the slots can be sacrificed to it to increase survivability:

  • can prove itself quite well Improved equipment to accelerate the recharge of consumables;
  • you can increase the overall safety factor by 10% using the module Improved hardening (200 units), but the effectiveness is also questionable.

Or add mobility by increasing your top speed by 6 km using Additional forward gear in the checkpoint

In this case, the general form of performance characteristics will be something like this:

Object 430U looks like most disadvantaged:

  • he initially has good survivability, so the slot for it looks superfluous;
  • mobility is mediocre, so it’s okay here, you can add an increase in maximum speed.
  • he definitely needs to speed up reloading and reduce the spread of the gun, otherwise it will be very difficult to fight at close range. And he does not have a slot for firepower.

Against the background of the fact that Ob. 430U are going to nerf (worsen the stabilization of the gun and the frontal armor of the turret), then it looks like a continuation of the oppression of one of the main imb of the random. Do these actions have ulterior motive? Perhaps this is how the developers want nudge players to deflate the future imba of the random Polish top CT CS-63.

Therefore, in order not to sag on it relative to other STs, it is best to ride, as before, but noticeable efficiency will be only with boom equipment (with the usual will be too inferior to classmates in firepower and mobility).

The most nondescript of Soviet STs benefited most from the introduction of new equipment. Outdoor furniture-91… He was added profile slots for firepower and reconnaissance, so he can boost firepower well even with ordinary ones The mailer and Quiet exhaust system to increase stealth:

Relatively T-62A and About. 140 only one option – Filling CO 2 tanks, everything else is not worth sacrificing firepower.

Therefore, for all STs (except Outdoor furniture-91) a maximum of one profile module will be appropriate, but otherwise the technique will show itself more effectively with booms/trophy rammer, vertical guidance drives or ventilation:

By the way, with the release of new equipment, the developers are going to nerf the trophy relative to the boom.

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